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2 haunted places of Victoria, recounted by witnesses

Every Australian state has its demons, and Victoria is no different. Throughout our history there has been numerous incidents of pain, sorrow and mystery that have led to certain locations becoming scarily haunted.

Lantern Ghost Tours hopes to provide a unique guided insight into a variety of these haunted places, offering numerous different tours. People from all walks of life attempt to follow their leader, hearing about the local history and hoping not to get attacked. Even if they are the most skeptical of sceptics, some of the seemingly impossible events that happen on these tours are undeniably spooky. So what are they saying?

Old Williamstown

Once upon a time, Williamstown was Australia's first sea port and was the original capital of Victoria.

The Ghosts of the Old City tour takes you through the darkest moments of its past, through a historic morgue from the 1860s, Melbourne's only opium den and worse.

A reviewer from TripAdvisor posted her experience from November 2 this year, saying, "Upon entering the warehouse (sic), I instantly felt like I couldn't breathe."

Sandy Guy from Fairfax Media's Traveller website visited, too. Here she witnessed first-hand the power of a medium, gazing in awe as divining rods moved about by themselves in the medium's hands.

Pentridge Prison

One of Lantern's eeriest tour locations, Pentridge Prison once housed some of Victoria's most notorious and dangerous criminals. Though this frightening place is now open to events and corporate functions, brave souls still venture into its depths to uncover some of the mysteries of its remaining denizens.

Time Out Melbourne reported, "Dozens of prison wardens, and even a governor, have seen a fog that looks like a woman's form." They even suggest that one particular prison guard saw something he couldn't explain and never ventured inside again. Event workers have also heard uneasy noises.

Want to experience a paranormal investigation of your own? Book a Lantern Ghost Tour today.


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