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5 Most Haunted Airports in the World

5 Most Haunted Airports in the World

Between the stress and crowds of people, airports can already be scary. But did you know that some of them are allegedly haunted? So here’s a spooky list of the most haunted airports in the world!

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Honolulu, USA

Honolulu International Airport – officially Daniel K. Inouye International Airport – opened in 1927. Seeing how Hawaii is kind of hard to reach, it sees a lot of traffic. It also has at least a single ghost infesting the premises. The Lady in Waiting is a blonde woman in a white dress has been spotted all over the area, including the gate. She was reportedly a woman who took her own life after the man who promised to marry her left on a flight.

Aside from Lady in Waiting, Honolulu Airport has some minor hauntings as well. People have reportedly seen a ghost on the Wiki-Wiki shuttle. The choking ghost received that name due to causing a sensation of someone sitting on your chest and choking you. There are also reports of toilets flushing themselves for no reason, though I would class that as a boon rather than something to be afraid of.

Islamabad Airport, Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad International Airport has come into operation only recently, in 2018. The construction started in 2007 and supposedly took that many years to build because of ghosts. People claim to feel a “heavy energy” at the airport and don’t feel comfortable at the airport at night.

The workers also felt the good ol’ pressure-on-the-chest thing, just like in Honolulu. It seems that ghosts are franchising out. People also shared rumors on social media of relatives working at the airport making claims of supernatural shenanigans. Security guards are reportedly losing consciousness due to ghostly presences, though this is probably more easily explained by the combo of boring work is done overnight and comfortable chairs. Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore, India Bangalore may pride itself on being an IT hub, but its Kempegowda International Airport is supposedly home to creatures more ghoulish than any Silicon Valley investor. The best-attested story claims that there was a lady in a white sari on the runway. A pilot called the airport staff to help her – but she vanished by the time they reached the area. It’s not the only time she was seen at the airport. The staff claims to have seen in other parts of the area. She has also appeared in the cargo building, next to one of the escalators and even the parking bay. Maybe she’s waiting for a delayed flight? Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand Suvarnabhumi is not just a haunted airport – it’s actually considered to be one of the most heavily haunted spots in Thailand. Quite an achievement for a place that only started operating in 2006. Since then, it has been the spot of both ghost sightings and terrible accidents ascribed to malicious forces. Before the was built, this place was known as Cobra Swamp… and it was also an ancient burial site. There were strange incidents and fatalities during construction. 99 Thai Buddhist monks performed an elaborate exorcism. At the conclusion of the ceremony, a baggage handler claimed to have been possessed by the guardian of the cemetery. And that’s before you get into the multitude of ghosts reportedly inhabiting the space… Denver International Airport, Denver, USA Denver International Airport is probably the most famous haunted airport in the world. Apparently, there were issues with the construction. And you know why? All because it was built on top of sacred Native American ground. This is always a good idea, as attested by the stories surrounding the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Of course, Denver attracts more conspiracy crackpots than ghost hunters. The murals in the airport are kinda weird, which makes all the Illuminati weirdos really, unduly excited. Oh, and there’s the matter of the giant hell horse statue that stands in front of it, but that’s too obvious to be haunted, right? ARTICLE FROM:

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