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5 signs your pet has seen a ghost

5 signs your pet has seen a ghost

We’ve all been there, the dog barking at something you can’t see, or the cat suddenly stops playing to stare at nothing. Whether you shrug and laugh or decide to sell your house and run for the hills plenty of people seem to believe that pets have some sort of sixth sense. Some even argue that pets and other animals around the world can predict natural disasters and other ominous events.

There are a few signs to keep an eye out for that might mean your pet has just seen a ghost.

1. Following something invisible

They might be sat completely still but their eyes are darting across the room or they might get up and follow the… thing… with their eager noses.

2. Barking or hissing at nothing

This is the worst feeling, especially when you’re the only one at home, well, you and whatever your pet has taken a disliking to! Honestly, this could mean they’ve heard something you haven’t, but it might mean there’s something paranormal present.

3. Looking for comfort or trying to protect

Your dog or cat might start to act anxious at nothing, either trying to hide behind you or standing in front of you to protect you. Some argue that this might be because the ghostly visitor isn’t as friendly as they’d like.

4. Acting distracted

It might be as if there’s someone else in the room as if someone else has their attention. Most of the time, it’s probably selective hearing but if they usually drop everything when you call their name then this might be out of character and it might mean they’re distracted by a ghost…

5. Too good to be true

Maybe your dog has rolled onto its back as if it’s receiving a belly rub from an invisible person or your cat is pawing at nothing. It might be that they wag their tales for no reason as if someone they recognised has walked through the door.

We won’t be able to tell for sure if our pets have really encountered anything particularly paranormal or experienced echoes from the other side, but some will have interesting stories to tell.

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