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8 powerful ways to protect your spiritual energy

8 powerful ways to protect your spiritual energy

There are many reasons why you might find it useful to protect your spiritual energy.

Have you ever been near someone who drains you? Walked into a room and felt an atmosphere? Or turned your head to see someone staring at you? If you have answered yes to one or all of these, then you have experienced your bodies spiritual energy system at work.

Through your bodies spiritual energy system you are able to sense, feel and intuit everything and everyone you come into contact with. It is though your spiritual energy system that you can feel a tense atmosphere, sense danger and be left feeling utterly drained by a needy friend. It makes sense then to learn how to protect it as well as keep it energised and cleansed.

In order to know how to protect your spiritual energy it’s worth spending a few moments explaining what it’s all about. So in its simplest terms woven within and around your physical body is an energetic body made up of such higher vibrations of energy that we can’t generally see it. The energy field that surrounds your body is called the aura and it is comprised of seven layers that pulsate outwards from your body. Imagine yourself standing inside an egg and you have a basic image to work with. Your aura is interconnected with 7 energy centres (or chakras) within the body which are interconnected with a vast network of energy channels called meridians and nadis that run throughout the inside of your body. Imagine a road map made up of motorways, dual carriage ways, and B-roads and that gives you a basic image to visualise.

Here then are our favourite tools and techniques that we have used for a number of years that will help to protect your spiritual energy as well as how to cleanse and re-energise. There is no particular order just read through and try out the ones that resonate and feel right for you:

1. Power words

Power words are incredibly easy and effective tools to use in a situation where you would like to protect yourself energetically, emotionally and mentally. All these aspects of being are closely interwoven. As the name suggests a power word is a word that has a vast amount of meaning and symbolism. It has a very specific energy attached to it.

Words like love, om or peace are all great power words but there are many more. Often your power word is the opposite to what is happening. If someone is irritating you, your power word could be calm. If you’re being drained, focus on the word invincible, whereas if feeling dark, concentrate on the word light.

Whatever power word feels right for that given moment just hold it in the forefront of your awareness. Connect with the energy of the word as fully as you can allowing its vibrational frequency to ripple out through every cell and fibre of your being and out into your aura. Feel or imagine the effect of the word on your mind, body, heart, soul and spiritual energy systems. You can repeat the word silently over and over if this helps you to focus. It’s unbelievably quick and can restore and recenter your spiritual energy, mindset and emotions in a few moments.

2. Breathe in your power

Life is full of moments that can cause us to feel overwhelmed, stressed and reactive. These triggers can throw your energy and disturb your peace and every emotion. Every state we feel is mirrored within our aura. Love and happiness strengthens our aura whereas anger depletes and weakens it. This simple breath technique is useful to know as it can instantly rebalance mind, body, spirit and spiritual energy.

Simply close your mouth and breath gently through your nose. Allow your attention to flow with your breath in and out of the body. Notice the rise and fall of your chest. Let you shoulders drop, relax your jaw all the while focusing on your breathing. Even just five slow, mindful breathes in and out work! Research has proven that breath work alone has an instant and powerful effect on every part of your body and mind as well as your soul and energy systems. However you can make it even more powerful by adding a creative visualisation to it. Picture a beam of light shinning down from the cosmos onto your head (or whatever higher power you believe in). Imagine that as you inhale you draw in this cosmic light to cleanse and energise you and on every exhalation you breathe out and release any unwanted energy, stress or negativity you are holding. Even just a few moments of breath work are transformational. Just remember the more you practice this the easier and more intuitive exercises like this become. 3. Seal off your spiritual energy field This exercise enable you to seal off your aura and protect yourself from any person, situation or environment. All you need to do is imagine yourself standing inside a gigantic bubble which is clear, flexible and impenetrable. The bubble encompasses you creating a powerful shield that moves with you. You can play with this visualisation and power it up by imaging that the top of the bubble is connected to the universe so that there is a flow of beautiful, cosmic energy entering your sacred space. You can change the colour of your bubble using gold for a cosmic link, pink for love, blue for healing, or red for energy. In fact, you can add whatever elements that inspire you. Maybe there is a relative alive or in the spirit world you would like to imagine standing with you in your bubble whose presence empowers and strengthens you. You can even bring in your four legged friends!

Another great visualisation commonly used is a mirror. If you ever want to block the other persons energy touching your spiritual being, then imagine an enormous mirror popping up in front of you. All the energy being thrown towards you is deflected off from the mirror and back towards the source. Do not underestimate the power of creative visualisations. Research has shown that the act of imagining something in your minds eye is equally powerful to physically doing it! 4. A cloak of protection There are many times when it’s useful to be able to protect your aura; such as when using public transport, attending busy offices or when around vexatious people. Simply visualise yourself in a full-length sweeping cloak that has been made from the darkest shade of blue – like the midnight blue of the night sky. This cloak has a hood, that you can imagine pulling up so that your head (crown chakra) is also protected. The lining of the cloak could be magical – maybe pink, silver, golden or multicoloured. It can be decorated on the inside and out with magical symbols. Whenever you feel the need to protect yourself and your energy from external influences pull on your cloak – this powerful visualisation harnesses your creative forces and sets a clear energetic intention. 5. Nature’s cure Modern life has pulled us far from our primeval connection with nature and yet the natural world is where we belong. It’s why we feel invigorated after a windswept walk or a stomp in the woods. The benefits of spending time in nature is immeasurable. Not only does it expose us to a healthy array of microbiomes it enables our spiritual bodies to recalibrate and quite literally soothes our stress. So if you can try to make the time to walk by the sea, stroll in a park or stomp in a forest – and when you’re there spare a conscious thought for the restorative energy exchanges taking place and the gift of nature’s magic.

Another way you refresh and bolster your aura and your chakras is to ground yourself. This is a particularly great exercise if you spend a lot of time working, thinking and being in your head! Ideally done outdoors, take off your shoes place your feet flat on the ground (avoiding unnatural surfaces if possible). Feel the connection of your feet to the ground and allow the energy of the earth to connect with your bodies energy system. If you can’t get outside, or take your shoes off imagining this process can also be effective. If you want to add another powerful dimension to this grounding exercise imagine that the soles of your feet grow roots that burrow down deep into the earth. Through these roots you anchor down and quite literally ground yourself. Visualise an energy exchange taking place where your energy (both good and negative) flows out of you into the earth and in return Mother Earth’s energy flows up through your roots and feet into your body circulating round your entire energy systems – cleansing, energising and restoring you. You might like to say a prayer of thanks to Mother Earth for her healing. Being in nature and grounding with her energy counters the effects of ageing and inflammation as well as cleansing and energising the mind, body and spirit. You will feel stronger and more anchored and in turn will power up your auric shield. 6. Cleansing Your aura is constantly interacting with the world around you and in doing so energy exchanges are constantly occurring, not all of which are uplifting and positive. Knowing how to cleanse your aura means that it remains vibrant and energetically strong to protect you. Salt baths are an ideal way to do this and offer you the opportunity to set aside thirty/forty minutes for some spiritual self care. This kind of bath won’t need the usual products just Epsom Salt (it’s not the same as table salt and has many health benefits!). Here’s some ideas to help you: * Put Epsom salt (2-3 good handfuls) into a regular bath. You can add essential oils like lavender if you know this works for you. * As you do this set the intention that whilst bathing you will let go of all negativity that you are holding and carrying * Ask the universe and or your spirit guides to guide you in cleansing and to help you realise your spiritual vibration. * You can set the mood with incense, candles, crystals and music. * Use your breath to be still and centre. * Be mindful – notice what thoughts and feeling arise. This bathing routine (once a month is about right) is a lovely way to look after your aura but to enjoy some quiet reflection. These moments are often the times when realisations and insights have the time to arise and be noticed. 7. Heavenly Protection Many of us believe in angles and this exercise is a beautiful way to connect with this heavenly realm for yourself! Archangel Michael is one of the seven Archangels. Known to be a fierce, powerful warrior, he is regarded as the Prince of the Archangels. He brings forth the qualities of strength, courage and protection. Simply by saying the words “Archangel Michael protect me now” you invoke or call on him. You can just ask for his help or you can imagine that he comes and stands to the right-hand side of you with his sword, and shield ever ready to guard and protect you. You can visualise him pulling his deep blue cloak around you, or maybe you would like to imagine his wings wrapping around you to protect and shield you. This is especially lovely to do if you are sad or feeling emotionally fragile. How beautiful to imagine being scooped up and held in the protection and unconditional love of heaven’s most powerful Archangel. 8. Love Research in quantum physics, neuroscience, biophysics and epigenetics are all revealing new and wondrous possibilities around science, spirituality and man. What is emerging is that we have the power to create and sculpt our reality. You can begin to access this power for yourself through practices like meditation and mindfulness. These and other such spiritual pathways (practicing gratitude) can transform your life even down to your hard wiring and genetic makeup. There are many apps and videos you can access that can get you started if you are new to meditation or mindfulness – what you will find is that as they help to ground and centre you they will also enable you to begin that beautiful communication within. When we begin to dialogue with our higher self (intuition or soul) we begin to expand our consciousness. We transform and blossom in mind, body and spirit and of course the more we delve beneath the surface of physical illusion the more we realise there is to learn and discover. It makes perfect sense that your soul and spiritual energy systems mirror this spiritual awakening in vibrancy and health. All the ancient spiritual practices of the world ultimately call us to love. Love is the most powerful energy that exists. When we express our love even through kindness and compassion it radiates out from us not only into the people and world around us but far out into the universe. When you feel positive and loving your aura is vibrant and strong. Negativity is automatically deflected. Your heart is your super power when it comes to auric protection. It really is all about the love! It’s important to remember that life is both ying and yang, negative and positive, light and dark. There is and always will be a mix of both elements, it’s how it is and you cannot change this. What matters most is being aware and noticing who, what and where lifts, illuminates and energises you – and who, what and where does the complete opposite. When you can observe this you can react accordingly and make the conscious decisions and choices that work for you. Over the years we have used all of the techniques listed here and can vouch for their effectiveness. We hope that they provide you with a toolbox of ideas that you can use. Please remember that there are no right or wrong ways of doing these exercises. What matters most is the energy of intention! So feel free to get creative and use your imagination to adapt these ideas to suit you. We have another blog on how to stay calm and centred that might also help you to manage conflicts at work, and stressful situations. We hope you find something that works for you! ARTICLE FROM:

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