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Adelaide Gaol's Sole Executed Woman

Ghostly Presence of Elizabeth Lilian Woolcock: Adelaide Gaol's Sole Executed Woman

In the somber halls of Adelaide Gaol, a chilling tale unfolds, centered around Elizabeth Lilian Woolcock, South Australia's sole executed woman.

Elizabeth's life was marked by tragedy from the start. After enduring assault at seven and witnessing her uncle's murder at 13, she found herself embroiled in Coober Pedy's opium trade before marrying Thomas Woolcock, whose abuse haunted her.

Thomas's death, attributed to mercury poisoning, led to Elizabeth's conviction for murder despite a jury's mercy plea. On December 30, 1873, she faced the gallows at just 26 years old. Yet, rumors of her presence persisted.

Witnesses claim sightings of a spectral figure in Elizabeth's cell, dressed in white like the garment she wore at her execution. Some say they've felt her spirit linger, a silent reminder of her tragic story.

The haunting of Elizabeth Lilian Woolcock at Adelaide Gaol continues to captivate visitors, leaving them to ponder whether her restless spirit still roams the halls, seeking solace or justice from beyond.

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