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CCTV footage shows ‘ghost of deceased tenant’ in their home

Image: Indiatoday

Couple claims CCTV footage shows ‘ghost of deceased tenant’ in their home

What will you do if you feel some paranormal activity going on at your home? Imagine clicking a selfie and later observing an eerie figure behind you in that picture. Spooky right?

Something similar happened with a Minnesota couple who has claimed that the CCTV camera in their home has captured a ghost of a woman. They believe it is the restless spirit of the former tenant of the house who died in that home.

Reportedly, Joey and Amy Radke, lives in Shakopee city of Minnesota. They were shocked to discover a shadowy figure, captured on their CCTV, lurking outside their bedroom while they were asleep. They installed the cameras to keep an eye on their pets. However, one day while checking the footages, they came across a clip that shows a ghost-like figure with bouffant hair. The figure appeared to have been clad in a nightgown.

The couple moved in to the house two years ago and chose to ignore the warnings from landlord who informed them that the property was haunted. Not until they saw the CCTV footage, did the couple feel spooked.

Joey, who is a sales worker, believes that the eerie figure could be the ghost of the elderly lady who died in the house years ago. She was carried out by the paramedics while she had a nightgown on her. He also claims that the clip shows the ‘proof of the afterlife’ and described the creepy video to be the “holy grail of ghost videos.”

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