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'Child Spirit' Throwing Books in Creepy Video

Woman Catches Alleged 'Child Spirit' Throwing Books in Creepy Video

A woman went viral after sharing footage that she claims shows an alleged "child spirit" tossing books off her kitchen counter late at night.

Tasha Darby, or @tasha_darbzz, posted the video to TikTok where it received more than 4.1 million views and 9,500 comments from creeped-out viewers.

"This gave me literally CHILLS when I watched it the other morning," the caption read. "I also hear what sounds like maybe giggling at the end?! A lot of people have been telling me they believe there is a child spirit in my home. What do you think?"

One in five Americans believes they've personally encountered a ghost, according to a recent poll by YouGov. The poll found that out of the 1,000 people surveyed, 43 percent said they believed demons existed and 41 percent believed in ghosts.

In the comments of her video, Darby explained that what scared her the most about the alleged "ghost" was feeling like it was in her room. Darby said everything has "calmed down" since she first moved in, besides "little knocks here or there" and "random things falling."

In the video, Darby explains that every morning she finds her keto diet cookbooks on her kitchen floor. She said she finally decided to set up the camera on her laptop to film overnight.

"So I'm going to hook up my computer and see if I catch anything tonight," Darby said. "Maybe it's just rodents, but we're gonna find out."

Darby said she set up her camera close to 11 p.m. with the timestamp on the bottom left showing the footage was from March 10.

"Just after 1 am the books fall over.." the on-screen text read over the dark kitchen.

In the clip, a few high-pitched sounds can be heard as both books are seemingly pushed over.

"Then a little after 3 am they slid off the counter," the on-screen text read. "As if they were pushed.."

The footage shows one book fly off the counter, shortly followed by the other. At the end of the video, what sounds like what commenters described as a "child's laugh" can be heard in the background.

In January, Darby went viral for another video which she claimed showed that her house was "haunted." In that TikTok, Darby showed a door in her house seemingly open and slam before she quickly scurried away.

In the comments, Darby said she had a team of "paranormal investigators" reach out to her and they agreed to visit her home on Saturday.

More than 9,700 users commented on her most recent eerie video, many claiming they did believe Darby caught true paranormal activity on camera. Some also recounted their personal experiences with alleged "ghosts."

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