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Dog’s collar removed by ghost: Real or Fake?

In what’s been labelled one of the most convincing ghost videos ever seen, a dog reacts in terror as her collar is removed and drops to the floor.

A woman’s video has gone viral after she caught the disturbing moment a “ghost” allegedly took off her dog’s collar.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name of Shanny Fantg, has been posting several videos as proof that her home has been visited by a paranormal guest.

Caught on her home’s surveillance camera, two dogs can be seen barking loudly from the inside of their crates.

A brown one barks while laying down and a black one barks incessantly while standing up.

The two also face each other as they bark before suddenly going very quiet.

Suddenly, the black dog’s collar twitches around her neck, which terrifies the canine.

The dog immediately jumps back, trying to get away from something before the collar slips off her neck.

She barks one more time before sniffing her collar.

“Watch my black dog,” the woman wrote. “Ghost takes her collar off in her crate.”

In a previous video, the woman had also caught on camera a doggy door between the kitchen and living room swinging open in the middle of the night.

The videos have captured the attention of social media, as she gathered more than 15.2K followers.

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