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Ghost caught knocking over beer in video

‘Paranormal’ pub owner claims ghost caught knocking over beer in video

If no one else is going to pour one out for this pub ghost — the rowdy spirit will just have to do it for themselves.

A pub in Sunderland, a coastal city in the northeast of England, has shared CCTV footage of what owners believe is proof of their paranormal patron.

Darla Anderson, a 23-year-old barkeep at Blue House Pub, was behind the bar when she, along with two of her employees and a bar customer, witnessed an untouched pint of beer topple over and spill to the ground on Nov. 13.

Video obtained by Newsflare showed the beverage standing on a bar mat for several seconds before it spilled its contents, leaving everyone who witnessed flummoxed by the eerie occurrence.

“I believe in paranormal [and] the pub has a history of spirits apparently,” Anderson told the news agency of the historic establishment that was built in the year 1900, according to property records.

“Everyone in the pub was shocked and surprised,” she added.

A pub in Sunderland, a coastal city on in the northeast of England, has shared CCTV footage of what owners believe is proof of their paranormal patron - Newsflare

The UK is apparently famous for its haunted pubs. Just last month, pop singer and bar proprietor James Blunt, who owns the Fox & Pheasant pub in London’s Chelsea district, shared a chilling video on Instagram which he claims is proof of ghosts at his Victorian-era watering hole.

“Spooky goings on down the F&P…looks like we had a ghost lurking behind the bar yesterday,” Blunt captioned the creepy video, which shows his bartender nearly knocked out by a falling glass pitcher.

Thankfully, the deft server caught the vessel, which Blunt has said has a history of making its way off the shelf under similarly mysterious circumstances.

An anonymous insider said, “It keeps the staff on their toes because they have to be ready to catch the falling tankard at any time. It feels ridiculous but there is really no explanation for it.”

More hair-raising footage from 2019 at the Micker Brook bar in Greater Manchester, England shows yet another glass purportedly flung off a shelf, which staff have attributed to a shadowy figure they’ve seen floating about the premises.

The camera is pointed squarely at a section of the bar devoid of human activity when a glass from a low shelf seemingly jumps off its perch.

But UK bars aren’t the only ones to boast ghostly residents. In 2017, Cronies Bar in Ventura, California shared security footage that showed a single stool being thrown to the ground after hours.

Cronies co-owner Dave Foldes later shared another surveillance camera clip of the bar floor where one family sat adjacent to an empty table of four chairs, one of which can be seen tipping onto its two back legs for just a moment. One of the customers can then be seen inspecting the aberrant chair herself before the family reportedly told Foldes about the bizarre incident.

Staffers blame the strange occurrences on a pair of late regulars who died 25 years ago. “Ralph and Don. They were our first originals,” Foldes told CBS2. “Whenever something funny happens, we blame it on them.”

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