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Ghost In The Machine

GHOST IN THE MACHINE My Alexa is haunted – I caught terrifying 2am ‘conversation with a ghost’ on my security camera

AN Alexa user has revealed a creepy video in which the voice assistant randomly started talking to him in the middle of the night.

The voice assistant can be heard making random statements to a confused and half-asleep man.

"She was my wife," Alexa says out of nowhere.

"Who was your wife?" the owner responds, after being woken by strange banging noises.

"You took her from me," Alexa continues.

"I didn't take anyone," the bloke says back.

"Who? Tell me who you want.

"You've got the wrong person."

Alexa adds: "I found her here."

The voice assistant then begins a repeated disturbing laugh, before the man finally decides enough is enough and unplugs the device.

Shadows are also seen in the eerie footage.

YouTuber Really Haunted, who posted the video, believes his house is haunted by a demon.

Commenters have largely praised the video maker for his bravery.

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