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Ghostly activity increases during lunar cycle

Paranormal investigator: Ghostly activity increases during lunar cycle, changing seasons

For centuries, the ethereal glow of a full moon hung high in the night sky has inspired wild and unusual tales, folklore and supernatural legends around the world.

From the howling transformations of werewolves to bizarre human behaviors, many strange occurrences have been attributed to the lunar cycle. The word "lunatic" itself comes from the Latin word "luna," or moon.

According to Pennsylvania Paranormal Association director Mark Keyes, the moon and changing seasons will cause an increased frequency in paranormal activity.

"Talking with clients and working with a lot of psychic mediums, and they all say there seems to be an increase in activity around the end of September [through December]," Keyes said.

"That would have to do with a lot of different elements, planetary elements, elements with the solar system, the moon, the sun and it's a time when most spiritual people will say that the veil between our world and the spiritual world is a lot thinner and they can communicate better."

Keyes is a retired state police detective who formed the Pennsylvania-based paranormal research group after other law enforcement officials expressed similar interests in investigating reports of hauntings and strange phenomena. "I have to think it's environmental, cosmological," he said. "I think it has a lot to do with the place our moon is, and sun is, compared to the planet location at the time and the seasons." According to Keyes, the moon can influence the number or frequency of reports they get from clients as well. "I also believe working with so many psychic mediums, that there's a lot more activity, or a lot more psychic activity, they can definitely tune in and get a lot more information and report a lot more spiritual activity or haunted activity at haunted locations during full moons," he added. In addition, the full moon may also allow spirits to gain more of a presence as they manifest into our physical world, Keyes said. "I think again it may enhance a ghost's ability to physically manipulate stuff better or be seen better, if you will," he said. The investigations Keyes and the team usually conduct involve the spirits of dead human beings who have not passed on, he said. "Most of the cases we work, again this is relying on a very credible psychic medium to give us the information, we end up working with a human-based spirit," he added. "Somebody who was alive, they died, and it's generally something emotional or traumatic that keeps them at a place." According to Keyes, some of the deceased may not even be aware they have died, and it another reason for the paranormal activity that is reported. "They're there for a reason," he said. "Sometimes they're confused, they may not realize they're dead, sometimes they're locked in this dreamlike state that they're just going through their life not questioning anything and not realizing they're dead." In the instances where the activity is not related to a spirit that was once a living human, Keyes said it does not mean what is haunting a residence is necessarily an evil, inhuman entity. "A lot of people believe there are nature-based creatures that are out there and sometimes they will get into people's houses," he added. In addition to seeing an uptick in paranormal activity, Keyes said the lunar cycle may also influence human behavior as well. "One thing for sure that almost any emergency responder or emergency room person 911 dispatchers will tell you is that the moon has a major impact on the living," he said. "All kinds of weird behavior happen during full moons." ARTICLE FROM:

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