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Ghosts of South American soccer's past

First in April, now again at the end of November - are there ghosts haunting soccer stadiums in South America?

Ghosts of South American soccer's past

Soccer-related violence is not unknown to many countries in South America. It can be so bad, in fact, that the Argentine Football Association (AFA) banned away team supporters from attending their club's matches due to someone's death earlier in the same week. A brawl between fans and a clash with police are what resulted in the death, according to the BBC.

This is an ongoing issue, too, and deaths are more common than you might think. For example, The Guardian reported that there were 30 in Brazil alone due to soccer-related violence.

Now imagine this: You are a strong, dedicated follower of your local team. You visit their game at the nearby stadium, but things turn ugly when the other team loses. After a clash, you wind up dead - lying lifeless on the very chairs you once cheered from. With that image in mind, it's not surprising to see that some South American stadiums may have become haunted places.

Both in April and November of this year, ghostly figures were spotted running in the background of a match as live television cameras recorded the game.

For example, at a Bolivian match held in April, a silhouetted figure can be seen charging through the seating area. This might not seem out of place at first glance, but then you realize this figure is unhindered by people, chairs or even barriers. He simply passes straight through them.

In November, a translucent and featureless man can be seen running back and forth at the edge of the field during an Argentinean game. Shot after shot he is simply running back and forth, though neither the commentators nor the spectators at the time seemed to notice him. It wasn't until the footage was checked back later on air that anyone realized there was something unusual happening.

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