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History of Sarah’s Yard

History of Sarah’s Yard

Tucked away within the historical walls of the Adelaide Gaol is a place steeped in chilling tales—Three Yard, famously known as “Sarah’s Yard.” This section harbors a haunting legacy associated with one of its most infamous former inmates: Sarah Francisco.

Born in Ireland, Sarah Francisco's life was a tapestry of adversity and sorrow. Trapped in a turbulent marriage marked by violence, she bore the physical scars of domestic abuse, including a telltale scar across her mouth from an altercation with her husband.

Following her husband's sudden disappearance, Sarah was left to fend for herself with two sons, an event that plunged her into a downward spiral of unruly behavior. This turbulent path led to an astonishing 298 convictions, resulting in her spending over 16 years within the gaol’s confines.

Even after her passing, the haunting presence of Sarah Francisco appears to linger within the gaol. Security personnel have shared eerie encounters—a phantom-like figure seen wandering Two Yard, mysterious footsteps echoing through the area, and an unexplained, overpowering scent of rose perfume that hangs in the air.

The ethereal aura of Three Yard: Sarah’s Yard serves as a testament to the lingering spirits and inexplicable occurrences within the Adelaide Gaol. These stories, filled with tragedy and inexplicable energy, continue to captivate and intrigue those associated with this historic location.

Would you dare to step into the chilling history of Sarah’s Yard and uncover the mysteries within the Adelaide Gaol’s dark corridors?

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