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Horror VR game available for FREE

Horror VR game Rusty Land now available for free

Developer Wrong Reality has released their first VR horror title Rusty Land on and the great news is that it’s free for anyone with a VR system. This horror title features a nightmarish realm full of puzzles, obstacles and terrifying creatures and will keep players hooked with its fast-paced, action-packed horror.

Rusty Land transports players to a nightmarish realm of their own making, a personal hell where they must face their own thoughts, feelings and fears. Our character has no idea who they are or how they got there but they do know that everything in this realm is set to kill.

Within this nightmare players will need to race through winding tunnels and hang precariously from rusty pipes over seemingly endless voids as they try to escape from the monsters that pursue them.

Players will experience a VR environment that has been designed to immerse them fully into the horror while a variety of mechanics will keep players entertained until they have led their character out of the nightmare.

Rusty Land is available to download now from Although the game is available for free there are options to pay a monetary amount to show support for this generous developer.

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