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How to open your third eye and unleash your psychic powers

How to open your third eye and unleash your psychic powers

You might not know it, but inside our physical body resides a spiritual double, which absorbs and transmits energy to and from the Universe. According to ancient healing lore, this spiritual body is ruled by Chakras (meaning ‘spinning wheel’ in Sanskrit), which are situated within us, and largely control our mental and spiritual experience.

Each Chakra is perceived as a spinning, vibrating wheel of light. Each one is a different colour. Put together, they create our aura.

The Third Eye Chakra is located in the centre of our forehead and is coloured indigo. It is responsible for our intuition, concentration, imagination, clairvoyance and psychic abilities. You wanna’ be Willow The Witch? You’ve got to connect to your Third Eye.

You also need to make sure it's clear and spinning freely (so to speak), as all chakras can become blocked by our own, or others' impactful, negativity. Our third eye chakra can get blocked when we ignore or override our gut instincts and intuitions a lot, and suppress our imagination or daydreams. The below exercise will help to not only open, but also unblock, your third eye chakra. And massaging a little sandalwood and lavender oil into your forehead as you do this also doesn't hurt!

How do you open your third eye?

It’s as easy as this: visualise and meditate on the colour indigo. Sit comfortably and, with your eyes closed, visualise an indigo ball of energy in the area of your Third Eye (i.e. forehead). Simply concentrating on that image is enough to start activating your powers.

Imagine this ball of energy spinning, vibrating and glowing - a wheel of indigo light growing ever larger and more powerful, and projecting further and further into space (just don’t fall to sleep at this point).

Let the visions and insights flow through you. Keep that wheel of purple light spinning.

Water signs - lucid and powerful dreams

Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, you are the great visionary intuitives of the zodiac and your power is in being easily able to zip between realms, reach beyond the veil, and access the unseen. When your third eye is unblocked, spinning and thriving, you will be visited by powerful, memorable and clear scenes, messages, and visions in your dreams. Keep a dream journal handy. Sleep with a lapis lazuli crystal underneath your pillow for additional insightful energy and maybe even the power to dream lucidly (i.e. you can control your actions in your dream as if you were awake).

Fire signs - intense gut instincts and desires

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, you are the heartfelt, passion-led go-getters of the zodiac and your power is in your presence and actions. You're all doers more than thinkers. Accessing your third eye will show up for you in your desires and urges. How intensely you feel about things is the barometer, showing you the true pathway that your intuition knows is right for you. Let your heart lead. Notice when you experience what could be called a ~whole body yes~. Your entire body feels strong, open, tingly and expansive. That is your true gut reaction to something positive.

Air signs - epiphanies, revelations and insights

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, you are the cerebral, curious and intellectual thinkers of the zodiac and your power is in your knowledge. You like to know and understand everything, and you seek information and insights actively. Your third eye will help sharpen and focus your attention on the insights that can make the greatest difference to your environment and pathway. Let your third eye draw out your powerful lateral thinking skills i.e. the ability to join disparate dots to make a whole new, complete picture. Absorb new information and re-combine with what you know to create stunning epiphanies.

Earth signs - physical sensations around the area

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, you are the practical, material and strong doers of the zodiac and your power is in what you do, what you create and build, and what you leave behind. You are legacy creators. Your third eye will show up in terms of physical sensations when it needs attention (headache, pressure between brows) and when it's thrumming happily (heat and tingliness between brows). The knowledge it gifts you will always be directly applicable to a situation at hand so practice asking for guidance and noticing what ideas or thoughts come to mind, even if they're abstract or random.

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