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How to throw a mid-year Halloween celebration

With Halloween being almost six months away, some of us may be getting antsy as we wait to celebrate the most ghostly day of the year. Although the portal between life and death may not be opening until October, it can still be fun to celebrate this holiday a little in advance.

Get your friends together and create a night of ghoulish terror to remember - we have even come up with some terrifyingly exciting ideas for you.

How to throw a mid-year Halloween celebration

Costume and decoration Encourage your friends to come in their darkest items of clothing, keeping all religious iconography out of the room, or even house if you can. Hang silver around the room and decorate with marigolds - their scent is believed to guide dead souls and the blooms are used in traditional Day of the Dead celebrations, according to the Museum of the Americas.

Music The more gothic, the better. Interlace dark operatic music with atmospheric sounds of whistling wind and howling wolves. Set the scene with ominous sounds of darkness, as well as a little of ACDC's Highway to Hell to get the party going. Spooky entrance music will welcome your guests and begin their descent into the horror that awaits.

Movies Most of us have an outdated television set hidden in the garage with a low resolution screen that crackles and gets stuck - it is time to dust it off (along with the old VCR) and have horror films playing on loop in the corner of the room. A great scene-setter, play on low volume for a creepy soundtrack to your evening.

Activities Our greatest suggestions for mid-year Halloween activities are getting all of your guests in a designated space to discuss their real-life ghost encounters and to explore the deaths and afterlife of various figures in history. Ouija board summoning are also highly encouraged, as the items you have placed around the room for this special occasion will heighten the chance for spiritual activity.

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