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Season 3 of ‘Haunted’ has just premiered on Netflix, but is this paranormal documentary series based on real events and a true story, or is it all fake?

If you enjoy feeling goosebumps race down your entire body, Netflix’s hit docu-series ‘Haunted’ is right up your street.

Each episode tells the story of one person’s experience with the supernatural, but this has led many fans to question Haunted’s validity.

So, is Haunted based on a true story?

* Haunted season 3 on Netflix is based on a true story, as far as episodes tell the story of personal accounts of ‘supernatural’ events from real people.

Haunted uses real accounts from real people to build a story around a scary event or experience that happened to them.

Whilst the dramatic reconstructions obviously aren’t real (in the theatrical sense), there is no evidence that any of the accounts are staged or people are actors.

The series has come under intense criticism before, with media outlets and fans questioning whether Haunted’s ‘true story’ claims are actually legitimate.

The main focus for the criticism was the season 2 episode ‘The Slaughterhouse’, which some viewers believed to be fake as there was little corroborating evidence to back the case up.

However, the show's creator and executive producer Brett-Patrick Jenkins has hit back at the criticisms saying that Haunted was “completely real.”

Regarding the feedback from season 1 episode 2, Patrick said on Twitter that all relevant information had been passed to the authorities and hoped that this added “pressure and leads to an investigation.”

Whatever your personal opinion on the supernatural, Haunted depicts real people who believe that they have real stories to tell; we will leave the rest to your imagination.

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