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Is spontaneous human combustion real?

Have you ever experienced something uncanny or out-of-this world? Do you feel haunted by an unsettling feeling or presence? Spontaneous human combustion is one of the world's unexplained mysteries.

Scientists continue to make a number of discoveries that make us understand our bodies and the world around us in a way that some would have thought impossible not so long ago. However, there are some instances that science fails to explain, and the capacity of the human body and mind is yet to be completely determined.

One instance of uncertainty lies around the cases of spontaneous human combustion (SHC) that have occurred in recent times. While some coroners and other medial officials dismiss SHC as little more than a modern day wives' tale, there are others who believe in the body's power to suddenly burst into fiery matter.

Is it possible for humans to inexplicably and suddenly catch fire?

A common element of both historical literature and the modern screen, SHC continues to stun and intrigue audiences around the world. Of the reported cases, they generally end with death by fires that can reach temperatures well into the thousands of degrees.

There is some agreement around the nature of the burns, being concentrated on an individual's stomach and torso area, with other parts of the body not affected. Some reports state fire damage was also found on surrounding furniture and structures, while others claim that the fire was contained solely on the person.

Although many cases have been reported on over the years, there is yet to be an occurrence caught on camera. This makes some dispute the existence of the possibility of SHC, while others believe there are religious or supernatural powers involved.

While the jury is still out on the reality of spontaneous human combustion, take a paranormal tour and decide for yourself just how close the supernatural world is to ours.

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