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Mysterious strangers at Strangers'

In the southeastern region of England, though north of London, lies the city of Norwich. What's so special about this city, you ask?

A paranormal investigation has been commissioned to peruse the mysteries of the city's Strangers' Hall - an old folk museum.

A brief history of Strangers' Hall

First, a history lesson.

Hundreds of years ago, a crypt lay beneath a small house on the streets of 1300s Norwich. The upper story of the house had been constructed on strange right angles to the road, meaning they were in line with the undercroft instead. However, the building was bought around 1450 and rebuilt to be facing the correct way.

Over the centuries, the building changed owners multiple times, each adding his own addition. In the late 1700s, local Roman Catholic priests purchased it and used it for their home for nearly 100 years.

Soon the building became neglected and empty, and was due for demolition. However, a quick purchase by yet another hand saw it saved and turned into the museum it is now.

The investigation

So what does this have to do with ghosts?

On the evening of March 20 next year, local paranormal investigators, called S.P.I.R.I.T. Norwich, alongside the Norwich Fire and Rescue Service, will be hosting a 'Fright Night' with the aim of both reaching out to those who may still dwell in its halls, as well as raise money for injured firefighters.

It is currently believed that no one has ever performed an investigation of the building before, meaning any of its remaining denizens have never been spoken with.

"People will have the opportunity to be the first to find out what's there, if anything," said S.P.I.R.I.T. Norwich founder Joolz Bailey. "There's not going to be any theatrics, there's not going to be anybody popping out saying boo! This is a proper investigation."

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