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One night in Altona

Nestled snugly along the Port Philip coastline of western Melbourne, you might think Altona is a fairly unassuming place.

However, if the past teaches us anything it's that even the quietest, friendliest-looking neighborhood can still harbour spine-tingling, unexplainable haunted sites.

Altona Homestead, Melbourne

The historic Altona Homestead is one such place, and has been known as a paranormal hotspot for some time.

In fact, its history can be traced back over a hundred years to 1842, when the property was first built by one Alfred Langhorne. Alfred, a London-born merchant who travelled to Australia in the 1830s, lived in the property with his wife, Sarah. Though the couple, now with children, moved back to London for a time, after their daughter Alice (13) succumbed to diphtheria, they returned to Melbourne along with the corpse.

Nowadays the building is a historical site, and is the focal point for a number of paranormal investigations.

Investigating Altona Homestead

The Lantern Ghost Tours Altona Homestead investigation takes you on a surreal journey to another time. It is reported that up to 11 ghosts have been spotted in this historic house, one of which is supposedly Sarah Langhorne herself, though strange men have been spotted as well.

"I definitely felt a dominant male presence on the chair (in the living room)," said one reviewer on TripAdvisor. "I could not see him but I felt his presence, and he did not seem all that happy that we were in his room."

It is said that you can also see dismayed ghosts on the nearby beach, as well as spirits of deceased children in the Homestead's bedrooms.

What would you do if you came across the ghost of a deceased child?

Do you dare take a trip to the heartache of colonial Victoria? Book your ghost tour tonight.


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