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Photo sent by our Pentridge Prison Guest

Photo sent by our guest during their Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour

"When I got home after the tour and had a look at the photos I had taken, I came across a very disturbing image. The image was taken directed towards the entrance steps of the prison. It was taken in the 10 minutes of extra time at the end of the tour and my friend and I were the only two guests towards the entrance end of the prison at this time (I am certain there was no one in front of us when I was taking the photo).

Needless to say, we were both very freaked out after this discovery and did not get much sleep that night!! .

Both of the guides on the tour were fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. The guides were adamant about sending any suspicious photos so I hope you guys enjoy it. Please find attached the original photograph + zoomed in version of the suspicious figure standing in the doorway behind the stairs.

Thanks again for a great tour and a truly unforgettable night! "

- Rhianna

Join us next time:

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