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Scary Twitter Threads & Twitter Ghost Story that Will Terrify You

Dear David: Twitter Ghost story

The first ghost story on the list would have to be formed, Adam Ellis. You can look him up on Twitter @moby_dickhead. Adam kept his Twitter friends updated on a series of creepy events that took place in his apartment. Adam started seeing a child with a misshapen head in his dreams. Followed by a dream where a girl addresses him as, “Dear David”.

However, Adam moves to a new apartment, above his previous one. There he begins to notice the unusual behavior of his cats. They tend to gather at the front door at midnight and stare at it. Besides, he also uses an app to record any weird noises while he sleeps. In particular, he notices a few recordings that were suspicious. He keeps updating his scary Twitter thread. For further evidence, he takes Polaroid photos and they come out black. He continues to have those dreams and that cats follow the same routine.

Following, Adam also installs a monitoring camera in his house. However, the series of events keeps getting even creepier. And then he captures the ghost child on camera. To find out more read his Twitter thread compilation, Dear David. Adam claims that his tweets and the pieces of evidence were not fake. Moreover, there have been reports that this story might turn into a film. A fan-made Dear David Short Film is available on YouTube.

Murder Of Skylar Annette Neese: Creepy Twitter accounts

These two Twitter accounts made it to the list of scary Twitter threads because of the terrifying backstory. Back in 2012, a teenage girl named Skylar Neese went missing from her house. There was no clue of her disappearance for a year. However, in December 2012 Skylar’s best friend disclosed the truth. Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy had decided to sneak out after midnight and took Skylar Neese with them.

They took her just across the Pennsylvania state border. In fact, that was their occasional spot for smoking marijuana. They had made all the preparations for her murder and stabbed her to death. According to the post-mortem report, she was stabbed more than 50 times. The Twitter accounts of Shelia Eddy @_sheliiaa and Rachel Shoaf @_racchh were still active after they had murdered Skylar Neese. They aren’t paranormal twitter threads but you’ll hate them.

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