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Scary YouTube Channels For Scary Stories, Ghosts, & Mysterious Videos

Image Credit: Top5s & Top 5 Unknowns
Image Credit: Top5s & Top 5 Unknowns

12 Scary YouTube Channels For Scary Stories, Ghosts, & Mysterious Videos All Horror Fans Should Subscribe

If you’re a fan of horror videos, continue scrolling as we list down 12 Scary YouTube Channels For Scary Stories, Ghosts, & Mysterious Videos All Horror Fans Should Subscribe.

1. Top5s

If you’re looking for terrifying videos and images on ghost, unsolved mysteries and extraterrestrial (UFO) , you MUST subscribe to this channel. Aside from the spooky content, Top5s is widely praised for their high quality production and content.

If you’re a horror fan like us, you’d appreciate Top5s’ dedication to fact-check and ensuring that everything posted are as authentic as it can be. Rest assure you won’t see any staged or fake “scary” videos in this channel.

YouTube Channel Link:

2. Scary Mysteries

For creepy stories on UFO’s, True Crime, Missing Persons cases and sometimes paranormal, you need to check out Scary Mysteries’ YouTube channel. This channel explores the dark side of life, and it’s thrilling to binge watch their videos for hours & hours.

3. Top 5 Unknowns

Top 5 Unknowns is one of the most underrated horror channels on YouTube. This channel has a wealth of content that will have you binge watching all night as they’ve uploaded a whopping 1,020 videos.

YouTube Chanel Link:

4. Chills

If you’re looking for a list of the creepiest videos on the Internet, Chills has you covered. While some of the videos listed by Chills are clearly staged (I.M.O), it’s are still super creepy and entertaining.

5. Rob Gavagan

Rob Gavagan (formally known as Rob Dyke) is the host of his creepy YouTube series, Seriously Strange. In this series, the host covers the scariest unsolved cases, terrifying real life stories and everything creepy all around the world.

YouTube Channel Link:

6. Lutch Green

If you’re someone who doesn’t believe in ghost and prefers to watch crime-based videos, you MUST subscribe to Lutch Green! This channel shares the scariest crime stories around the world. From disturbing CCTV footages to creepy real life urban legends, this YouTube channel will make sure you stay vigilant.

They’ve also features 3 heart-breaking and horrifying crime incident that happened in Malaysia – The Murder of Canny Ong, Nurul Jazlin Case & Ng Yuk Tim’s Murder (Kelana Jaya Murder)

YouTube Channel Link:

7. Cold Case Detective

Cold Case Detective is created by the same team behind Top5s. However this channels solely focuses on missing person cases throughout history. Their main goal is to educate and spread awareness on some of the most puzzling cases.

8. Lazy Masquerade

Lazy Masquerade is probably the most creepiest YouTube channel on this list. While this channel covers everything horror, they are mostly known for their Creepy Reddit & 4chan stories as well as other disturbing unsolved mysteries.

YouTube Channel Link:

9. Dark5

What better scary YouTube channel to watch than a channel named Dark5?! This channel puts out some of the creepiest video listicles and every video comes with 5 entries only! Perfect for those with short attention span.

YouTube Channel Link:

10. Criminally Listed

Criminally Listed is the perfect channel for fans of true crime stories. This channel brings you the most interesting crime stories, solved and unsolved mysteries around the world. The channel solely relies on the narration, rather than the visuals, hence it’s prefect to listen to while doing house chores!

11. ReignBot

ReignBot YouTube channel mainly dives into the weirdest and creepiest parts of the internet. Bringing truth and solving some of the biggest Internet conspiracies, this channel is perfect for those who’re into creepy pastas and internet urban legend, both fact and fiction.

12. MostAmazingTop10

MostAmazingTop10 dives into the creepiest horror stories that are pure nightmare fuel in a form of a Top 10 listicle!

Bonus Point: They’ve also featured a listicle on 10 Scary Malaysian Urban Legends which you can watch here.

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