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Scrumpy Browns Restaurant's Ghostly Encounter

Scrumpy Browns Restaurant's Ghostly Encounter

Scrumpy Browns Restaurant's Ghostly Encounter

Embark on a journey into the eerie history surrounding Scrumpy Browns Restaurant—a silent spectator to the spectral secrets hidden within Point Cook Homestead's timeworn walls.

This historical site, often frequented by psychics and mediums, boasts a chilling legacy of ghostly encounters dating back to the early 1900s.

The Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour has uncovered a series of unexplained events, featuring apparitions, the lingering scent of lavender, and mysterious thumping resonating through the old cellar.

Scrumpy Browns Restaurant's Ghostly Encounter

Scrumpy Browns, once a bustling machinery shed for the Chirnside farm, holds its own spectral tale. One quiet evening, Lisa, the restaurant's manager, found herself alone after bidding guests farewell. In the hushed atmosphere, a loud thud echoed from the restaurant. Investigation revealed nothing amiss, yet the thumping persisted. A call to homestead manager Sophie, who had encountered eerie sounds nearby, confirmed a shared, spine-chilling experience.

As Sophie recounted her story, the unexplained thumping abruptly ceased in both the restaurant and the homestead, leaving staff shrouded in an eerie silence. These chilling episodes cast a spectral veil over Scrumpy Browns, a place where the history refuses to fade away.

Nestled within Point Cook Homestead, Scrumpy Browns Restaurant stands as a living testament to the unexplained, beckoning the bold to delve into the haunted history that clings to its aged walls.

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