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Spooky sightseeing: Victoria

The small southern state of Victoria is a land of lush rolling scenery and picturesque landscapes, with Melbourne city its beating heart. However, upon closer inspection, there's more than meets the eye to this state, with a number of otherworldly occurrences and ghoulish activity reported over the years. If you're headed down south, follow our guide for some truly terrifying travel tips.

Discover the darker side of Melbourne and Victoria on a paranormal tour.

Larundel Mental Asylum

A hospital for the mentally ill has been on this site for decades, with what is now known as Larundel replacing an even older asylum. Following World War II, the building became housing for displaced local residents as well as becoming home to an increasing number of patients from another nearby mental health facility. Locals also claim that one of the building's inhabitants, a little girl, met her end on the third floor and she continues to haunt the area to this day. With so much distress occurring on this site, it's no wonder that it's officially closed to the public. If you're nearby, why not park up to see if you can spot any strange shapes lurking by the windows?

J Ward Lunatic Asylum

Far away from the bright lights of Melbourne, in the small town of Ararat, lies one of Australia's oldest mental health wards, which housed the most dangerous and criminally insane prisoners during times gone by. The vast expanse which this site covers is scary enough and add to this the tales of previous visitors to the site stating that you can "expect some very unhappy spirits wandering the facility", why not take a tour around J Ward and find out for urself?


It's not only in the country where things go bump into the night. Peer behind the shiny, glossy facade of the most populous city in Victoria to discover a darker, more mysterious past with a Melbourne ghost tour. On this trip, you'll discover some of the oldest - and reportedly most haunted - locations in the city, including the option to begin your evening with a meal at The Young and Jacksons, where many spirits are said to linger to this day.

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