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Tales of haunted museums

Reports of strange, unexplainable events being associated with ancient relics are as old as mankind itself, and museums are known for being regular haunted sites.

This could well be the case of a museum in Scotland's Fort William, located in the Highlands around three hours northwest of Edinburgh.

The West Highland Museum

Recently an American tourist travelling through the historic West Highland Museum captured the possible image of a ghost in a glass display cabinet.

The cabinet displays an ancient stone with Christian markings on it, and the photo shows a strange, translucent face gazing at it in a reflection. The tourist, Dundee Warden, believes it to be a ghost.

"The day I toured the museum I felt as if someone was tagging along with me. The energy felt like an invisible magnet or weight pulling me in a kind of slower motion," she told Deadline News.

Though Dundee says it may be a 16th or 17th Century figure wearing a ruffled collar, some paranormal enthusiasts think it's more likely to the museum's old curator, Edith MacGregor, who died around 50 years ago. This fits with previous tales of the building, as Paranormal Database claims Edith has been heard before, typing away on her typewriter long after her death.

Australian Haunted Museum

Australia has its share of haunted museums as well.

The Maryborough Military Museum is a known Queensland haunted place that contains 7,000 different historic antiques - and maybe old ghosts as well.

Channel 7 Wide Bay Local News reported in 2012 that paranormal investigators were called to the building to investigate its mysteries, with video evidence capturing some haunting moments. As investigators talk to each other in the back of one particular shot, orbs can be seen darting about in a surreal swarm. A flag can also be seen wafting on its own, despite a complete lack of wind (and an immediately adjacent flag remaining perfectly still).

Does a museum near you contain more than just antiques?

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