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Terrifying NetflixFilm Leaves Viewers Thinking They've Been Cursed

Terrifying Netflix Horror Film Leaves Viewers Thinking They've Been Cursed

Since the release of Stranger Things’ explosive season four finale at the start of the month, many Netflix users have been on the hunt for the next big thing to obsess over, and it looks like they’ve finally found it.

As reported by Twinfinite, a super spooky Taiwanese horror film called Incantation has been taking the internet by storm - following its release on the streaming platform on 8 July, its rocketed to the top of Netflix’s charts. At the time of writing, it’s the third most-watched non-English film worldwide, with over 10 million hours watched and counting.

The film falls into the found footage sub-genre of horror (think The Blair Witch Project), and has been petrifying viewers across the world. Reactions on Twitter have even shown some people worried that the incantation chants from the movie could actually curse them in real life (rest assured, they won’t).

“Watching Incantation alone was the worst decision of my life,” tweeted @_marklouiss. “Is Incantation’s chant a real thing cause I’m scared as hell now,” said @v3gana. “Bruh I was so scared that I might get cursed too cause everything felt so real and scary. I’m so glad everything is not real,” wrote @graeswiftie13.

You can understand why viewers might be spooked, though - as Decider reports, the film was apparently inspired by a real-life incident from 2005, when a Taiwanese family claimed to be possessed by demons and eventually wound up killing their daughter. Rest assured though that the movie itself isn’t real, and all the found footage is completely fake, so nothing bad will happen if you watch it.

So, if you’re feeling brave, you can watch Incantation on Netflix right now. If you were looking for some very effective nightmare fuel, you know what to do.

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