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The Elisa Lam Cecil Hotel Mystery

In 2013, you must have seen the CCTV footage of a woman who mysteriously went missing in a hotel. It was really something.. Well guess what, it is once again trending as they’ve made a documentary about it on Netflix called “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel”!

We are just in luck because in 2017, Lantern Ghost Tours investigated the Cecil Hotel!

21-year-old Canadian Elisa Lam, was tragically found dead in the water tanks of the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles, in 2013. Elisa's strange behavior on the night, recorded on CCTV, spurred a host of different theories but her murder remains unsolved.

After hearing of reported hauntings in Cecil Hotel, Lantern Ghost Tours decided to visit to find out more in 2017. They went to LA to discover that Elisa's body was found in a water tank on the hotel's roof 19 days after she was first reported missing. And guess what, they found out where she’s actually at because the guests reported that the hotel water tastes funny, and has a very weird color..

After some investigation, the toxicology was released and it was concluded as an accidental death. Elisa is taking mental medications which she failed to take religiously. The case has now been closed, and this is the subject of the Netflix documentary which has been released just this year.

What’s your take on this one? Share it with us!

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