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The Haunted Houses of Airbnb

The Haunted Houses of Airbnb: Desert Ghost Towns, Paranormal Activity, and the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln

Airbnb recreated the Hocus Pocus house for one lucky guest—here are five other haunted houses across the country that you can stay at.

Ever thought of staying at a haunted Airbnb? You may have seen on Instagram, TikTok, or elsewhere on the internet in recent weeks that Airbnb recreated the cottage from Hocus Pocus in a home near Salem, Massachusetts and made it available for a single stay on the night of October 20.

Naturally, it has been snagged. The ultra-exclusive offering came in celebration of Hocus Pocus 2, which began streaming on Disney+ on September 30.

But fear not if you didn't land the stay at the Sanderson Sisters’ cottage—we’ve selected five spooky existing listings across the country to deliver the scare and wonder you’re seeking this season. Whether you’re searching for ghosts, witches, or UFOs, we have a place sure to make for a memorable Halloween trip. Below, five of our favorite haunted Airbnbs.

Condé Nast Traveler vets its featured Airbnbs on the quality of amenities, location, previous guest reviews, decor, and Superhost status.

Courtesy Airbnb
Courtesy Airbnb

Hudson, New York

If the thought of sleeping in an old schoolhouse nestled inside a European-inspired historic cemetery “totally removed from any living soul” gives you the good kind of heebie jeebies, then this colorfully decorated and tantalizingly eerie Hudson home built in 1900 is for you. Furnished with an authentic 18th-century Opium Wedding bed and artistic, contemporary touches, the room is as bright and funky as it is cozy and curious. The building itself evolved from schoolhouse, to tool factory, to art studio, to rental, and currently also serves as a full-time home to a few unique guests: three chatty cockatoos. 

Enjoy the use of two bikes during your stay to ride into town or take a stroll through the soulful quiet of the funerary art-filled Cedar Park Cemetery, final resting place for thousands. War heroes from the Revolutionary War and Civil War, famous artists, and founding families are all buried here, and an engraved sundial crowns one of the graves with the ominous message “The Last Hour to Many, Possibly to You.”

Courtesy Airbnb
Courtesy Airbnb

Salem, Massachusetts

Rumor has it that visitors staying at the Henry Derby House in Salem’s McIntire district may not be the only guests. The 184-year-old New England colonial home accommodates 12 guests in six bedrooms and was originally built for tailor Henry Derby in 1838, but it is now reportedly inhabited by the ghost of a young woman named Sarah who periodically cleans rooms, walks the halls, and occasionally tickles feet. The residence has historically been a stop on local ghost tours. 

Beyond potential paranormal activity, the surrounding area is where the 17th-century Salem Witch trials took place. Salem’s Haunted Happenings—the world’s largest Halloween celebration, bringing in half-a-million attendees annually—will be taking place, and this year is its 40th anniversary. Psychic fairs, historic tours, witch shops, and more are part of the festivities. You might also consider spending a day at the Salem Witch Museum. Salem is one of our favorite towns around Boston to spend the day, and you’re sure to feel the eeriness in the air.

Courtesy Airbnb
Courtesy Airbnb

Terlingua, Texas

This self-sustaining West Texas cliff house situated at the end of a dirt road not only overlooks the natural beauty of the Chisos mountains at the heart of Big Bend National Park, but also perches above the mysterious Chihuahuan desert ghost town of Terlingua. The three bedroom home accommodates eight guests and functions wholly from solar power, battery storage, and recycled rainwater. 

Architecturally, the design blends brutalism with retro sci-fi, as well as Scandinavian prefab with notes of classic Japanese summer home style. When you dare venture into the old mining town, be sure to walk among the ruins and take in the history at the town cemetery. Just over 1.5 hours away is the creative and contemporary town of Marfa, Texas, which is a worthwhile visit for art and alien-lovers alike. The unexplainable Marfa Lights that flash nightly in the middle of the desert are a phenomenon that onlookers theorize could be UFOs, aliens, or ghosts. Modern meets mystery at this peculiar, off-grid oasis.

Courtesy Airbnb
Courtesy Airbnb

Lincoln, Illinois

This dark, gothic, octagonal 18th-century wonder has black floors, black ceilings, and black-tinted windows. Intentionally designed to have no square rooms, the space features a spiral staircase, soaring cathedral ceilings, and skylights. The three bedroom home sleeps nine and is situated on a secluded yet central street just a mile away from the richly historic downtown named after president Abraham Lincoln. 

The late president—along with other spirits—is said to haunt the area, specifically where he rests at the Oakridge Cemetery in the neighboring town of Springfield. Since his death, there have been reported sightings of the former president along with other ghosts. When exploring downtown Lincoln, don’t miss the old Route 66 Salt Creek Bridge ruins—otherwise known as the “Ghost Bridge” on “Bloody 66” or “Dead Man’s Curve” due to its macabre history of car wreckage.

Courtesy Airbnb
Courtesy Airbnb

St. Paul, Minnesota

The occurrence of paranormal activity at this mysterious Victorian castle Airbnb remains an unanswered question to this day. Built in 1883, the ornate former art gallery has remained in the same family for generations. The interior of the manor is filled with oddities, plants, antiques, and heirlooms. Notable features include stained glass windows, taxidermy, and a Narnia-style armoire. 

The suite accommodates up to four people, and overlooks a strangely tranquil gated courtyard for contemplation. Once voted the most mysterious house in St. Paul by the Pioneer Press, there have been firsthand accounts of rendezvous with the unknown—including seances, rituals, and investigations initiated by the ghoul-curious and the brave. A St. Paul spiritual-medium named Roma Harris has supported the claims. The city of St. Paul itself has a plethora of ghostly sites to ignite intrigue during your stay, including Forpaugh’s haunted restaurant, Mounds theater, Wabasha Street Caves, Hamline University, and the Landmark Center—an old courthouse turned community space.

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