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The Hauntings of Old Royal Hotel: Eerie Tales from 85 Nelson Place

The Hauntings of Old Royal Hotel: Eerie Tales from 85 Nelson Place

Nestled at 85 Nelson Place, Williamstown, the Old Royal Hotel holds more than just a rich history—it harbors enigmatic hauntings that have left an indelible mark on its legacy.

A Seedy Glamour of Yesteryears

This hotel, once known as the Crown Casino of the 19th century, exuded grandeur on the surface. However, beneath the façade of glamour, the establishment was a hub for shady dealings, illegal transactions, and high-stakes gambling.

Ross and the Descent into Darkness

One chilling tale revolves around Ross, a young man who made a desperate gamble. When he lost, he offered his wife as collateral, and things took a sinister turn. Faced with insurmountable losses, Ross met a tragic end, leaping from the hotel's turret. Witnesses have reported seeing a spectral light jumping from the same spot, marking the moment he lost consciousness.

Ross has also been seen walking through the front door….might not sound too strange but the door is closed at the time!

Hannah's Spirited Presence

Another specter that haunts these halls is Hannah, the late 1800s publican. Battling her own demons, she used cunning tactics to get her hands on alcohol. Her spirit lives on within the hotel, with lights flickering and movement detected in her former room.

The Old Royal Hotel is a treasure trove of history and haunting tales that invite you to explore the eerie side of Williamstown's Nelson Place. A visit here promises a journey into the past, where the spirits of bygone eras continue to weave their enigmatic stories into the fabric of the present. So, when you're in Williamstown, don't miss the opportunity to explore these ghostly tales as part of the Ghosts of the Old City Tour.

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