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The most haunted house in Liverpool

Victorian mansion that's 'the most haunted house in Liverpool'

A number of strange occurrences have been reported at the manor house from a couple bickering to the "girl on the stairs"

A Victorian mansion where the Beatles played during their early days is said to be the "most haunted house" in Liverpool.

Lowlands on Hayman's Green in West Derby Village dates back to 1846 when it was built by the builder and architect Thomas Haigh. In the 1960s, the grade II listed building was home to the basement Pillar Club where a range of 'Mersey Sound' bands played during their early days, from the Quarrymen to Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Hollies.

The manor house is now owned by the West Derby Community Association and plays host to 20 different clubs as well as private functions. Stephen Guy, 74, who is chairman of the association, said Lowlands has become increasingly popular with paranormal investigators over the last year following a number of unexplained occurrences.

Stephen told the ECHO: "I've experienced things here, we don't make any claims about it but certainly strange things happen. Most recently I was in the building one Sunday afternoon around 4'oclock and a bell went, it was clear as day and a voice, a man's voice, said 'hello' and then the bell went again and the voice said 'hello.'

"I came downstairs, there was no one at the door and the gates were closed and I can't explain it. It was strange, it wasn't particularly frightening."

Stephen said there used to be a bell in the care taker's bathroom at Lowlands before the building underwent a refurbishment, which he believes could explain where the noise came from. He said: "I think they're moments of history rather than spirits. Several people have heard a couple bickering.

"During the refurbishment [the workers] saw a woman's face looking at them in broad daylight. There was a woman in here or whatever it was looking at them - they were really unnerved by it.

"We had a young woman who used to go to playgroup here and she said 'is the girl still on the stairs?' When she used to come in there was a girl sat on the stairs with her hair in ringlets with an old frock and a dog and she used to see her regularly when she was little."

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