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The Mysterious Billiard Room at Eynesbury Homestead

The Mysterious Billiard Room at Eynesbury Homestead


Nestled in the heart of the Australian countryside, the grand Eynesbury Homestead has long been a place of mystique and hidden secrets. Built by the Staughton family, the estate holds a history brimming with lavish parties, crystal gazers, murder, and mysterious occurrences. Among the many corners of this sprawling property, the billiard room stands out as a focal point of mystery and intrigue.

The Billiard Room:

As you step into the billiard room at Eynesbury Homestead, you are transported back in time. The room is adorned with original and meticulously restored wallpaper, and the heavy billiard table stands as a testament to the enduring history of the house. It's almost as if Samuel and Elizabeth Staughton, the former owners, have never left.

Samuel and Elizabeth:

Samuel Staughton was a prominent politician, and Elizabeth, founder of the Australian Women's National League, was a figure of great influence. Despite the façade of a perfect life, the couple harbored family secrets they kept hidden from the world. Samuel's sudden death, only 19 days after making his will, left many questions unanswered. His will stipulated that trustees would manage the estate, providing profits to Elizabeth until their child was born. If the child was male, he would inherit the estate upon reaching 21, and Elizabeth would receive an annual £1000.

Two months after Samuel's death, Simon, their only son, was born. Elizabeth celebrated his first birthday in grand style, hosting a lavish party attended by 150 guests from Melton. It was a celebration fit for a queen, with a full band, including the flute, harp, and violin. The most respected women in Melton presented Simon with a silver inkstand and pen, a symbol of their loyalty.

The Occult Influence:

Elizabeth was an admirer of Queen Victoria, who had an interest in the occult. She decided to incorporate crystal gazers and fortune tellers into Simon's first birthday party. The gas lamps cast an eerie glow as guests gathered around crystal balls, seeking messages from the other side. The event left a lasting impression on the women of Melton, who unanimously declared it the best party they had ever attended.

The Haunting:

The billiard room at Eynesbury Homestead is not just a relic of the past; it's a place where the past seems to linger on. One morning, a brave kitchen staff member arrived early to open the house. As she entered the billiard room, she heard laughter and the unmistakable sounds of billiards being played. But when she stepped inside, an eerie silence descended, and the balls on the table continued moving as if they were being played by invisible hands. The doors and windows were locked, and there was no one to be found. To this day, she refuses to open the room alone.

A group of three staff members decided to investigate the room one night after hearing about these strange occurrences. They managed to capture a photograph of what appears to be a man's face near the curtain. Could it be one of Elizabeth's elaborate parties continuing from the other side?

Join the Haunting Tour:

If you've been captivated by the mysterious history of Eynesbury Homestead and are eager to explore the mysteries of the billiard room for yourself, we invite you to join our haunting tour. Step into the past, uncover the secrets, and experience the eerie happenings in this historic location.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an unforgettable adventure. Book your tour now and prepare to immerse yourself in the mysteries of Eynesbury Homestead.

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