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The Pier Chronicles: Tragedy Strikes the Patton Family

The Pier Chronicles: Tragedy Strikes the Patton Family

In the serene town near The Pier, a chilling tale unfolds, shadowing the once-close-knit Patton family. Skepticism towards family curses vanished when tragedy struck on a sunny September day in 1931. Let's delve into the heart-wrenching incidents that marked the Patton family's ill-fated journey near Queen Street.

The Fateful Afternoon:

Walter Patton, a local meat worker, envisioned a peaceful day of fishing with his sons Albert and Herbert, joined by his son-in-law James. A sudden turn of events led to their boat drifting off, leaving no trace of the men. A week later, a grim discovery confirmed the curse's first victims in the waters near The Pier.

Stanley's Duck Pond Tragedy:

onths later, tragedy struck again. Stanley, the sole surviving brother, never returned from a solo duck hunting trip. His lifeless body in a duck pond left questions unanswered. How does one drown in a mere inch of water? The Patton family grappled with an inscrutable curse.

The Widow's Struggle:

Left were the widows and children of the fallen Patton men. Stanley's widow faced raising five children alone. Tragedy struck again, claiming her life not long after Stanley's demise, leaving the grandchildren orphaned. The Patton family, once joyous, stood as a stark testament to the unsettling nature of the curse.

The Patton family curse remains a haunting chapter in The Pier's history. As waters near Queen Street lap quietly, the Patton family's story serves as a chilling reminder that curses, though dismissed by some, can leave an indelible mark on lives. Unanswered questions persist, urging us to confront the possibility that tragedy can strike in inexplicable ways, defying easy understanding.

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