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Top 5 Ghost Tours in Melbourne

Top 5 Ghost Tours in Melbourne

Melbourne, with its rich history and charming Victorian architecture, also holds a reputation for being a city brimming with paranormal activity. Are you ready to delve into the city's spooky side?

If you're a thrill-seeker fascinated by the supernatural, then a Melbourne ghost tour is an absolute must-do!

Here are five chilling adventures that will lead you down cobbled laneways and into the shadows of Melbourne's haunted past:

1. Royal Melbourne Hospital Ghost Tour:  Take a walk on the wild side (or perhaps the not-so-wild side) with a Royal Melbourne Hospital Ghost Tour.  This tour explores the historic hospital grounds, uncovering stories of medical advancements, patient experiences, and the lingering spirits that may reside within the walls.

2. Melbourne Gaol Ghost Tour: Journey back in time to a place of harsh realities and tragic fates with the iconic Melbourne Gaol Ghost Tour. Explore the infamous prison, hearing tales of notorious criminals like Ned Kelly, and the restless spirits said to haunt the cell blocks and corridors.

3. Old Melbourne Ghost Tour:  Embark on a journey back to a time of gaslight and cobblestones with Lantern Ghost Tours' Old Melbourne Tour.  Explore the hidden alleyways and forgotten corners of Melbourne where history buffs and ghost enthusiasts alike will be enthralled by tales of opium dens, bodysnatchers, and the city's most famous theatrical tragedy.

4. Spirits and Ales Haunted Pub Tour: Combine your love of a good beer with spine-tingling tales on Lantern Ghost Tours' Spirits and Ales Haunted Pub Tour.  Explore the city's dark history through haunted pubs, including a former police station with an unsolved murder, Melbourne's oldest pub with a legacy of a scandalous love affair, and a mysterious members club. Enjoy a drink (or two) as you hear about the city's ghosts, unsolved mysteries, and spooky laneways. 

Link to Lantern Ghost Tours - Spirits and Ales Haunted Pub Tour:

5. Ghosts of the Old City Williamstown:  Explore the historic seaport of Williamstown by lantern light on Lantern Ghost Tours' Ghosts of the Old City Williamstown tour.  This tour ventures into Victoria's oldest morgue (access may be limited during maintenance) and the spooky Timeball Tower, all while uncovering the town's dark past filled with colorful characters, drunken sailors, and convicts.

Link to Lantern Ghost Tours - Ghosts of the Old City Williamstown:

Prepare to be Spooked!

These are just a few of the many hair-raising ghost tours available in Melbourne. With a variety of locations and themes to choose from, there's a perfect tour for every ghost-hunting enthusiast.

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