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Vera Farmiga Believes She’s Haunted and Details 1 Strange Experience

Horror movies often have behind-the-scenes myths attached to them. The Conjuring ranks in the top 10 because the franchise gleans from Ed and Lorraine Warren’s real-life investigations. Demons, Satan, ghosts, and witches play a part in each story — on and off camera. How do the actors feel about dabbling in the paranormal? Vera Farmiga has some tales to tell, and one of them involves an odd bathroom occurrence.

Vera Farmiga

Vera Farmiga thinks her bathroom is haunted

Vera Farmiga first stepped into Lorraine Warren’s on-screen shoes in 2013, and she’s familiarized herself with the backstories in The Conjuring universe. From Annabelle to Bathsheba to Arne Johnson, she’s acted out some frightening encounters in seven films. During a recent interview with MTV UK, she and co-stars Patrick Wilson and Ruairi O’Connor dished on the paranormal. Wilson is a skeptic but admitted some strange things happened when they shot the first film in the series. Farmiga said she’s witnessed plenty of incidents, but she doesn’t always tell anyone. And then she highlighted a present-day problem. “Like right now my toilet paper,” she began. “Every time I pull out a sheet of toilet paper, these five little claw marks fall to the floor. I am serious! Do you want me to bring the computer to show you?” Farmiga explained that small events like that happen all the time. Farmiga also spoke about a creepy ‘old lady’

In a separate chat with Extra TV, Farmiga shared that she felt fortunate. Why? No spirits sat on her chest or attacked her. The closest she’s come to that is a few sleep paralysis episodes. What’s that? When a person is in between sleep and wakefulness and can’t move, it can feel like a weight pressing down on their body. At times, it can be frightening, and some people have automatically connected sleep paralysis to demon activity. Farmiga didn’t go that far, but she joked her sleep paralysis dreams have felt like a creature took a seat on her chest. She then reminded Wilson that she told him the story about it, and it involves “a little old lady in the back” who’s muttering some unintelligible words. ARTICLE FROM:

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