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When photobombs take a turn for the paranormal

Photobombing doesn't sound very scary in and of itself, and for the most part it's not. One drunkard here, a costumed friend there - no harm done, except, perhaps, for an embarrassing memory.

Now picture this: You take a snapshot of your wife, look down at your camera screen and see the haunting, spectral image of something you just don't understand.

For a couple attending a wedding in the the Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, UK, this was very much a strange reality.

Oliver and Mary Davey thought they'd pop outside for look at the chapel grounds and maybe get a couple of take-home memories. What they didn't realize, however, is that the area was first opened in 1837 and is a known haunted site. Cemetery ghosts have been spotted numerous times over the years, including a dead nun who committed suicide after becoming pregnant and the widow of a former World War One soldier.

Mr. Davey went to take a photograph of his wife, but she was facing the wrong way at the time. Of course he decided to try a second snap, capturing not only his beloved, but also the departed as well. The huge figure of a skeletal head, neck, shoulders and back were caught in the frame, imposing a frightening figure over the unassuming woman.

""I saw the spooky face straight away. I was just confused and a bit shocked," Mr. Davey told The Mirror.

This isn't the first time ghosts have been caught on camera in Britain these past few months. In October, two young girls took a selfie at their local haunt, the Slug and Lettuce, and sent it to their friends on Snapchat. In the background of frame, the mysterious figure of a woman could be seen laughing, dressed in Victorian attire.

Want to try photograph cemetery ghosts of your own? Attempt a tour of the Southport General Cemetery tonight.

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