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Where should you take your next ghost tour?

Paranormal enthusiasts have an abundance of creepy ghost tours at their fingertips these days, so we've hand-picked a few of the best to whet your appetite ahead of your next big adventure. Whether you run into ghoulish spirits or get an eerie sense of being watched while on your tour, you'll come away from it full on adrenalin and ready to plan your next investigation. So where to?

Eynesbury, Victoria

The Eynesbury Homestead was home to the Staughton family, who have long since departed but leave behind their grand old country home for you to explore. Start with a meal to fuel your adventure and then take to the night for a ghost tour you'll never forget. The house has seen lavish parties, murder, betrayal and everything in between in its time, and has plenty of dark and mysterious nooks and crannies for spirits to lurk in. The property is huge, spanning 20,000 acres, and along with likely paranormal activity you'll enjoy a full rundown of the venue's history.

Existing since 1872, the mansion hides plenty of stories about the families and ghosts that have roamed through its halls.

Southport, Queensland

The Gold Coast's Southport Cemetery has plenty of twists and turns to scare you silly, and that's before you even get around the fact you're roaming around the graves of those long deceased.

During this tour you'll learn about Mr. Brown, a man found dead at the cemetery gates who is believed to roam the area to this day.

You'll also discover unmarked graves, and learn about the bodysnatchers that plagued the cemetery in the olden days.

As you wander through the graveyard in the dead of night, you'll get a real sense of what life was like for those who lie beneath, and who knows - you may even meet some of them.

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