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Why Is 3 am Called The Devil's Hour?

Why Is 3 am Called The Devil's Hour?

Often we wake up in the night feeling all confused, sweaty and jittery. However, if at this time we look at the watch and it is 3am, it sends our mind into a tizzy! Often we have heard that this hour is known as the Devil’s hour. Here why.

Why is it called so?

It is said that the demon or devil who leads hell is at his strongest at this hour of the day.

Between 3-4am

It is said that while demonic activities are highest at 3am, the preceding hour (3am-4am), too is demonic before sunlight peeps in some parts of the world.

The crucification of Jesus

It is believed that Jesus was crucified at 3pm (which in turn is now known as the most "godly" hour ) and exactly 12 hours later that is at 3am, the demonic activities set in. In hindsight, while demons are weakest at 3pm, they are strongest at 3am.

Sacrifices and rituals

It is also said that 3am is also the time when maximum rituals and sacrifices take place - apparently the fact that "nobody" can watch them makes them more powerful.

Going to bed

It is also said that if by chance you wake up at 3am someday, you should try to go to bed immediately - one should not wait for any untoward thing to happen

Movies and more

3am is also seen as a very unholy time in movies. If you have seen The Conjuring, the clock stops at 3 in the morning and everything goes downhill from there. Similarly in The Exorcism of Emily Rose where Emily finds herself waking up to a strange smell at 3am everyday.

The reality

In reality, there is however no scientific theory to support these claims. Most of us are in our REM (Rapid eye movement) cycle at this hour of the night. In reality, our body is completely relaxed at this point - the heartbeat, cardiac pressure and pulse rate is irregular. If in this state you are suddenly woken up, you are bound to feel a little jittery.

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