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10 Reasons to Help a Ghost Cross Over

10 Reasons to Help a Ghost Cross Over

Not all that long ago, people were afraid to approach the topic of ghosts. Many people were afraid to tell their friends if they saw a ghost, and didn't even want to admit if they believed in them. The popularity of ghost shows on television has changed that perspective, and now people are excited to talk about ghost sightings and other supernatural experiences they have. Shining light on this topic has increased awareness and acceptance of a phenomenon that was once taboo. Let's face it; ghosts have been present in every culture since the beginning of time. Ghosts and spirits are all around us, and (sooner or later) you will most likely have your own experience to share.

Belief in ghosts has gone from being a little dark secret (one that most certainly would have earned you a pass into a mental hospital) to being a fabulously entertaining pop-culture fad. But what is the truth about ghosts? Why are they here? Why bother crossing over a ghost when they are so much fun to communicate with? To help you better understand this topic, I will explain what happens when a deceased person becomes a ghost and why they should be crossed over.

As most of you know, ghosts were once living people with their own families and friends. They had hobbies, love stories, and hardships just like everyone else. Upon death, a critical choice was made to stay on the earth plane rather than progress into the light to be reunited with loved ones in spirit. This choice can only be made by the individual, and a newly departed is never doomed to roam the earth as a ghost from an outside force. A ghost is a ghost primarily because they chose to stay here and not travel further in their spiritual journey. The reasons for such a choice are many; some fear that God will punish them for something they did about which they feel guilty, while others feel an obligation or duty to stay behind and help their living loved ones. There are also those who died so abruptly that they don't even know they are dead.

What many people don't realize is that a ghost is in a type of holding pattern until they can eventually go into the light to continue their soul's evolution. They often appear to be in their death state, with gaping wounds, emotional problems, pain, drunkenness, and guilt. Ghosts are souls that need to be healed and released of their earthly concerns. Many people wonder why a ghost who feels that way would not just go into the light themselves. The reason is simple: following death, they have a certain amount of time that they can freely go into the light. If they choose to stay behind for any reason, the window of opportunity closes for them. The window to the other side will eventually open again, but it may be two hundred years into the future. In the meantime, they are stuck between the earthly plane and the spirit world in a sort of no-man's land.

A ghost has limited ability to move about the earth and visit loved ones; often they are trapped in the location of their death. They can also return to their home or other familiar place to which they feel attached. However, they cannot check in on their living loved ones or help them heal from grief. In fact, having the ghost or unhealed soul of a love one hanging around will often prevent a family from healing their grief. This is never the intention of a ghost, but their energy is so low and unhealed that it impacts the living in ways that can be harmful.

Most ghosts need a living person to help them find the light. Telling a ghost to go into the light doesn't really work, because when they chose to stay behind, they temporarily lost their connection to the light. Or, it became so dim that they cannot see it and often mistake a living person's soul light for the light. This is how many people end up with ghostly attachments that drain their energy and make them sick. For this reason, it is best to have an experienced light worker do a healing and cross over ghosts for you. Many people become emotionally attached to their ghosts and feel as if they are betraying them by sending them away. This is FALSE. If you have become attached to a ghost, the best thing you could possibly do for the ghost is to heal it and send it into the light. Once the ghost has entered the light, they are no longer a ghost; the healing light lifts their vibration and transforms them into the classification of a spirit.

Spirits can move about freely and visit all their loved ones; their vibration is higher and their emotional wounds are healed. They will still appear to have the same personality so that you will recognize them, but they are in the light, where they need to be. Some ghosts will convince their living host that they don't want to go away. They may say that they are happy and want to stay with you. Of course they are content to stay; you have become their light source (or, more appropriately, their living battery). Ghosts need energy to survive on this plane, and if you have one around you or your home, they are most certainly draining your energy. Don't let this type of plea boost your ego. If a ghost really does care for you, they will come back to visit after they are released and healed. In fact, some of my favorite visits from spirit come after I have crossed over a ghost. They often come to visit me in dreams to provide thanks. They will show me that they are reunited with loved ones and pets and they are healed. Remember, a spirit can come and visit anyone anywhere. They are no longer trapped in one location or held hostage to an unhealed drama.

Are there more ghosts now, or are we simply more aware of them? I believe there have been ghosts since the beginning of life and death on earth. Every civilization has records of encounters with the spirit world. Ancient cultures had their "seers," who were people tapped into the vibrations of the spirit world. Modern day mediums share this sensitivity and are able access information from unseen dimensions. Until recently, this gift of spirit communication was something that the average person could not experience unless a ghost or spirit decided to pay them a visit. However, the field of paranormal investigation has opened up the possibility for everyone to experience the spirit world. Through the creation of devices sensitive enough to detect subtle energies, everyone is able to gather verification that ghosts and spirits are real. The evidence may come in the form of a picture, audio recording, or electromagnetic spike. So aside from personal experiences, there are readily available methods of capturing evidence of other worldly encounters. This helps to validate what seers and mediums have known all along: the spirit world exists all around us at all times.

Most of us welcome any contact we get from our loved ones in spirit. But what about the invisible occupants in your home that move things, mess with your appliances, and cause your family turmoil? Are we obligated to help them? Yes, I believe we are. If a ghost has found a way into your life, there is a reason for it, even if you encountered it while conducting a paranormal investigation. Despite what the ghost may tell you, what they really need is help moving on. Here are the top ten reasons to cross over a ghost:

1. Ghosts simply cannot make the transition into the light themselves and need assistance.

2. Having a ghost in your home can cause sickness and loss of energy.

3. Ghosts can pull you into their drama and prevent you from living your life.

4. Ghosts are doomed to experience their pain and other lower vibrational feelings until they are healed. This low energy contributes to the overall energy of our planet and affects the living.

5. Ghosts cannot move about freely to visit their loved ones; they must become healed in the light to enjoy the perks of the spirit world.

6. Grieving families cannot heal as long as their loved one remains a ghost.

7. Ghosts are stuck in their emotional drama; until healed, it is a constant replay of tragedy.

8. If a ghost avoided the light due to fear of punishment, the overriding feeling is still fear. The accompanying feeling may be guilt or shame. These feelings can be felt by the living and affect them adversely.

9. A ghost may have a sense of purpose for staying behind; however, they are more effective to help once their own vibration is healed.

10. Healing a ghost and lifting the vibrations on the planet affect the living immediately. You will often notice that after ghosts are healed the living feel more energetic, alive, and positive.

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