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3 songs to be spooked by

Give yourself a fright and compile a soundtrack to accompany your pre and post Lantern ghost tour journey to ensure the chills don't stop. Here's our choice of the best three songs to kick start a devilishly good music collection inspired by the spirit world.


Michael Jackson's 1984 hit single just has to be included in a list of this kind. Made famous by its equally creepy video featuring a cast of zombies returning from the dead, be sure to listen to this song and watch out for the wicked laugh at the end too. MJ sings about an unexplained presence, cool temperatures and paranoid thoughts - all signs of haunted places - so bear this tune in mind when seeking spirits in dark corners.

Graveyards and other ghoulish locations have been the setting for many songs and music videos over the years.


Don't let the funky notes of this Stevie Wonder classic fool you - behind an upbeat tempo lurks more sinister lyrics. Stevie sings about falling ladders and breaking glasses so you're sure to be suitably frightened if you listen closely. Bear the message in mind - who knows what may happen if you go against these superstitious warnings? Curses and hexes aplenty are said to be the consequence of some superstitions and while some may scoff, find out if you dare!

Highway to Hell

This classic AC/DC rock hit talks about Satan and hell - how more ghoulish could you get? Let the energetic riffs terrorize your sound system and blast this song out on your own hellish road trip. The band sings about fast-living and the highs and lows of of touring, yet could there be more behind it than that? This 1979 single is instantly recognizable and continues to be a song of choice for many people around the world with its hints at the supernatural.

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