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Home sweet home: Discover one of Australia's most haunted properties

Home may be where the heart is, but love is not all that is lurking beyond the threshold of some Australian doorsteps. Discover why some homes are the location for terrifying paranormal activity and unexplained behavior.

Sunshine and beaches are what many think of when picturing Australia. However, not all is what it seems in these more darker locations, which account for some of the most haunted sites in the country.

Altona is just outside of Melbourne and one property there is reported to have some of the highest levels of supernatural sightings in the entire country.

First occupied by immigrants from England in the 19th century, Altona house has a rich and turbulent history - which may explain for the continual otherworldly goings-on that have been reported in the location over the years.

Former residents of Altona, Alfred and Sarah Langhorne, were overcome with grief and love for their daughter Alice, who passed away from diphtheria as a child, that when they returned to Altona after living in England, the deceased Alice came with them.

While Alice didn't actually pass away in the house, the presence of her dead body as well as her parent's despair may be responsible for the unsettling feelings many people have experienced when visiting the house to this day.

Past visitors to the house report on feeling distinctly cold, with an unidentified presence and movements occurring while wondering through the grounds - all signs of spirit activity taking residence in the house.

If you like your domestic living with a little more fright, why not consider taking an Altona homestead tour to get up close and personal with spirits from a bygone age? Just make sure to lock your doors when you get home - you never know who - or what - might be trying to get in!

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