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A building belonging to a secret society will soon be investigated

A building devoted to a secretive organization sounds like the ideal place for a haunted site, right?

Californian paranormal investigators think so, too. So what's the story?

Freemasons in Sacramento

The Eastern Star building in Sacramento, California, was recently sold to a real estate company in the city who has been approached by a group hoping to determine whether or not it's haunted.

The three-story building itself was completed in 1928 and used for meetings of the local Masons, a secretive religious organization with a history spanning centuries. Outwardly it appears to be a more-or-less normal building, sensibly designed with big arches and tidy brickwork. However it belies the interior, which Brian Jacks of Jacks Commercial Real Estate told the Sacramento Business Journal has doors in "odd" locations, in addition to secret apartments.

Paranormal investigation

Local investigation group, NorCal Spirit Walkers, has approached Jacks hoping to get access to the building in order to examine it properly. On January 24 a team of up to 20 researchers will go room-to-room throughout each floor, armed with advanced paranormal detection equipment. They will also be taking cameras in order to record evidence of their activities.

Secret societies often hide things. Do any vengeful spirits linger in a potential Sacramento haunted place?

The group itself has a history of successful investigations around Sacramento, including a recent evening in a woman's home at the end of September. They recorded numerous electronic voice phenomena (EVP), including a whispering, disembodied voice saying, "Hi," as well as other strange noises.

In 2013, they heard a voice crying for help while on an investigation. This resulted in a mass search and police involvement. Everybody heard the strange voice, but nobody was ever found.

Do you think the historic building of the Masons will uncover similar unexplainable activity? We'll know for sure come January.

If you'd like to go on an investigation of your own, contact Lantern Ghost Tours to book a tour near you tonight.

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