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Are you afraid of cemetery ghosts?

Cemeteries are perhaps one of the creepiest places you can visit, be it during the day or at night. Though the empty halls of a lunatic asylum or cobbled streets of an ageing town may have their ghosts, they're nothing compared to a haunted graveyard.

In Queensland you can book into a tour of one such place, allowing you to dive into the mysteries and unexplainable horrors that have occurred in this congregation of dead souls.

Southport General Cemetery

The Southport General Cemetery has long been known as one such haunted place. Since its establishment was first announced back in 1880, the Southport General Cemetery has been both a place for the dead to rest, and perhaps even a place where they do not.

The first corpse to find its way to an early grave in the graveyard was a pensioner by the name of Joab. In 1878, before it was even officially a grave site, poor Joab was struck and killed by lightning before being buried in Southport. Is he still hanging around? Maybe.

There have been other unexplainable cases, too, such as the day 'Mr. Brown' appeared dead at the cemetery gates.

Real stories

On a ghost tour of the Southport General Cemetery you will be led around the grounds listening to tales of its history, as well as its mystery. The tour is at once informative and entertaining, though it can take a turn for the frightening instantly - should a resting denizen be disturbed.

Last year, a group of tourists witnessed strange flashing lights in the area, though there were no nearby torches or passing cars to make said lights.

Recently, one tour guest took photos of his experience on the tour, only to find out that he may have snapped more than he realized. A mysterious face could be seen clinging behind his friend's arm, and another photo had a mist-like orb in its center.

Do you want to meet the locals, too? Book a tour tonight.

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