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Baby 'Playing' With Ghost

Woman Captures Video Of Her Baby 'Playing' With Ghost Of Her Deceased Husband

Losing a spouse is hard for everyone, especially if they are a parent. The other person has to navigate raising their children alone.

For one mom on TikTok, navigating raising her son after his father passed came with some surprising twists.

Just days after her husband died, she claimed that he is still with the family.

She believes that her youngest son can see his deceased father from time to time and has caught it on camera.

The woman posted a video on TikTok of her son playing with her deceased husband.

Sydney O’Haver, a TikToker posted a video of her 7-month-old son playing with his deceased father on multiple occasions.

In the video, the 7-month-old baby can be seen kicking his arms and legs while calling out ‘dada.'

When the mother asked the baby who he was seeing, he claimed it was his father and continued giggling while looking at something that wasn't caught on the camera.

The other instance was when the baby was 9-10 months. He was seen playing with someone. Similar to the first instance, the baby is happily looking at someone while calling out ‘dada.'

O’Haver seems to be happily recording these moments while genuinely believing that her son is getting these moments with his dad.

Internet users were shocked after seeing something like this on video.

Some people claimed that they usually don't believe in paranormal activities or spirits. However, after watching this video, they believed O'Haver's claims.

One user wrote, "I don’t normally believe in anything like this but there’s no denying it, he sees him."

Many other people who do believe in paranormal activities immediately believed the mother and had no doubts about the son playing with his father.

Another user wrote, ”Babies are still in tune with the spirit realm! They have not been so tainted by this world yet to shut it out!”

Another person wrote, “I am a spirit medium and can [confirm] that he 100% sees [his] daddy and communicates with his presence.”

Many people also pointed out that their dog might also see the deceased father.

In the third instance of the video, the baby is seen playing with his father. However, internet users were observant enough to notice something else.

People pointed out that her dog may be experiencing the same presence as her baby.

One user wrote, “omg wow!! The dog sees it at the end too. He's smelling everything.”

O’Haver was also surprised to see people’s comments mentioning the dog and claimed that she didn't even notice it when she was filming it.

She wrote in one of the comments, “Many have pointed that out. She was actually his dream dog and was almost always by his side when he was alive.”

People also left numerous comments explaining how babies and animals can see things that adults can't see.

One user wrote, "Babies and animals can definitely see spirits of our lost loved ones."

The video also prompted many people to share similar experiences. The existence of spirits is quite a debatable topic and depends on the person whether or not they can believe in something like this.

However, it's a comforting thought for the family to believe that the deceased father is always there with his child.

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