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Could you handle an evening in a cemetery?

Are you brave enough to enter a cemetery at night? Legend has it that it's bad luck to stay in a cemetery once night falls, and with nearly 5,000 graves in Southport cemetery, you don't know what - or who - could be lurking between the headstones!

Taking a ghost tour through this haunted place will mean meeting with the group at 8pm - as dusk falls you'll be free to wander the final resting places of many Australians. For the next 1.5 hours, you'll be very likely to encounter paranormal activity, with many people believing that the Gold Coast's oldest ghost continues to call this patch of land home.

One of the oldest burial sites is believed to date to 1878, in which lays Joab, a male pensioner who was struck by lightning. While this is the earliest official grave, the City of Gold Coast Council suggest that there are more graves that pre-date this and is likely to have been a burial site for early European settlers to the area.

Get lost among unmarked graves, and listen to devilish tales of murder and bodysnatching. While people may be dying to get in, who knows if you'll get out - alive, that is!

Discover for yourself if an Australian mermaid resides here, as well as head to section three of the cemetery to learn more about the oldest plots.

With so many restless souls trapped within the cemetery gates, you're likely to come across a spirit or two yourself. According to one recent group member, "myself and my partner saw flashes of lights in the distance which was not from passing cars or someone standing in the shadows with a torch" - spooky!

What are you waiting for? Head to Southport Cemetery - if you dare!

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