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Dark Past of JWard's Bath House

Dark Past of JWard's Bath House

Welcome to JWard's Bath House, where the chilling realities of the past come to light. Within these walls, patients faced not only the challenges of mental illness but also the daunting presence of negative energy and unsettling occurrences.

Potty Wash Area and Cage:

In the Potty Wash Area, patients were tasked with the unpleasant job of cleaning potties in exchange for cigarettes—a duty aptly named the "Potty Parade." Visitors in the 1980s noted a distinct smell upon entering, setting a somber atmosphere from the start.

Showering and Washing:

Patients underwent daily bathing routines, but some would wander aimlessly instead of heading directly to the bathroom. Nurses had a walkway constructed to streamline the process. Initially, the Bath House wasn't connected to the sewer system, with wastewater simply flowing outside.

Restraint Belts and Self-Abuse Gloves:

Patients grappled with self-harm and violent behavior, leading to the use of restraint belts and self-abuse gloves. Restraint belts encircled the waist and wrists, while self-abuse gloves were used to prevent scratching, tearing, and masturbation.

Negative Energy and Haunting Phenomena:

Guests and investigators have reported encountering a malevolent presence within the Bath House. Some felt a cold breath against their necks or an overwhelming urge to leave. During a paranormal investigation, a torch inexplicably switched on and off, adding to the eerie atmosphere. Thumping against windows and the sudden scent of soap only deepen the mystery.

As you explore JWard's Bath House, be prepared for a journey into the past, where the shadows hold untold stories and the echoes of history linger in the air.

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