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Australia's abandoned Kenmore Lunatic Asylum is a frightening place

Insane asylums are some of the scariest, most ominous abandoned buildings that can be found today. Their horrifying stories linger on in news publications and hearsay, and more often than not, in the denizens who could not pass on.

The J. Ward Lunatic Asylum is one such building, which you can tour through on a paranormal investigation of your own. You'll hear savage and frightening tales of the psychotic inmates who once dwelled within its walls and possibly encounter some of them as well.

New South Wales also has its own haunted lunatic hospital - the abandoned Kenmore Insane Asylum.

It first opened in Goulburn on a massive plot of land in 1895, and quickly became notorious for its questionable practices.

As a patient at Kenmore you would be given horrendous shock therapy for problems that had you declared of 'unsound mind', such as homosexuality and frequent masturbation. Women with post-natal depression, young men with learning disabilities and people who were simply promiscuous were also declared legally insane and incarcerated.

So, is anyone still hanging around? A team of researchers ventured into the empty halls of Kenmore to see.

The group, known as Validate, encountered a number of strange occurrences though they tried their best to explain them with logic and reason. However, there were a few that they simply couldn't.

Footsteps and creaking floorboards were heard by more than one member, despite the fact that nobody was around to make such noises. Soft piano music also wafted through the air, which was possibly the wind, but possibly also a lingering memory.

Most troubling of all, however, was the unexplainable moment when one researcher felt a cold breeze touch his forehead, followed by a stinging sensation. Though no debris, object or anything else potentially sharp touched him, somehow a paper-thin cut had appeared at the site of the pain.

Was he attacked by a vengeful spirit? It sounds like it may be better to stay away from Kenmore and the pain it suffered, rather than dare venture further.

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