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Evidence of ghosts in Phoenixville, USA

History is long and bloody, and sites of heavy conflict or suffering are often places of intense paranormal activity, possibly due to people dying in sudden or unfortunate ways.

Imagine yourself fighting in the American Revolutionary War - it is the late 1700s and you are tired, broken and hungry. However, you are still fighting back the Red Coats and you believe you will do so until your very last breath. You don't realize, however, that this will indeed be the case.

The orphanage is most likely haunted by fatherless Civil War children.

A stray musket ball strikes you in the lower abdomen and you go down, landing hard in a field of blood-soaked mud. Semi-conscious, somebody drags you away, loads you into a wagon and takes you to the Yellow Spring Village, which has been set up as a military hospital by George Washington.

There you die, with blood on your jacket and anger in your heart.

This was the scene for many soldiers who died in Yellow Springs during the war. Over the course of the next hundred years, beginning in 1868, it became an orphanage for children of the Civil War and even more misery entered its walls. It's no surprise, then, that a team of paranormal investigators from Phoenixville, the Downingtown Area Paranormal Investigators (DAPI), recently discovered scientific proof that ghosts still linger in the village.

Phoenixville News reports that the group recorded an electronic voice phenomenon of a spirit saying 'Mom' in the Orphans' Infirmary building. They also captured numerous pictures of spectral orbs, witnessed doors slamming shut by themselves and even enticed a ghost to interact with a small chain of dominos they set up.

Much like many of our own haunted sites here in Australia, Yellow Spring Village has always been reported as haunted. Now, however, there is recorded scientific evidence to back up these theories.

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