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Ghost captured on film at Berry Pomeroy Castle

Sinister 'ghost' captured on film at Berry Pomeroy Castle

Paranormal investigators have captured a sinister photograph at Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon - widely reputed to be one of the UK's most haunted sites.

The English Heritage castle on the outskirts of Paignton has been the scene of numerous sightings and strange phenomena and there are a number of legends associated with the Tudor mansion within the walls of an earlier castle near the village of Berry Pomeroy. The castle has appeared in a BBC Timewatch documentary "White Slaves and Pirate Gold", and the TV show 'Most Haunted'.

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According to the English Heritage guidebook it "is reputed to be one of the most haunted castles in Britain."

The pictures have been shared on the Berry Pomeroy Castle's Ghosts, Spirits and Entities Facebook page, run by a Torbay ghost hunter who has been ghost hunting for 25 years. He wrote: "Sinister looking figure in the woods at Berry Pomeroy Castle. "Plymouth ghost hunting group spent three hours investigating and caught some great photos." Hundreds of people have commented since the picture was posted. Some believe it is the ghost of a cavalier said to haunt the castle, with others claiming to have captured similar images. Jenny Smith also shared her experiences this week: "I’ve seen many ghosts down there it’s the most haunted place in Devon. I’ve been pushed, my hair pulled, seen shadow people. I've even talked with ghosts. Amazing." However some doubters claim the image looks more like somebody wearing the Anonymous mask, frequently worn by protesters who want to hide their identity. Others believe it is a raindrop refracted through glass.

Ghost captured on film at Berry Pomeroy Castle

The sinister 'ghost' image captured at Berry Pomeroy Castle

The Torbay ghost hunter who runs the Berry Pomeroy ghost page on Facebook did not want to be identified. But he said: "I've been going ghost hunting for over 25 years and first went to Berry Pomeroy Castle in 1996. "I've had quite a few experiences and saw my first apparition in 2020 at 1.45am after a visit to the castle and seeing the spirit of the White lady Margaret Pomeroy passing the castle's cafe, where you walk back up the mile long driveway. "I had walked from the cafe on my way back home and saw a bright beam of light as I was passing the bushes and once I turned to walk back up I actually was really startled to see a bright visible image of a woman. "I only saw her to the side as she was facing the bushes to the left of the driveway. I only saw her for a few seconds before she faded away slowly. I wasn't scared but more startled. "I had wanted to see a ghost for a long time and during the evening outside of the castle on the lawn I had got many intelligent responses with a K2 EMFdetector. " This is a piece of technology used to pick up electro magnetic radiation by ghost hunters." He has also taken photographs of bats in the ruins.

Ghost captured on film at Berry Pomeroy Castle

Bats at Berry Pomeroy Castle

He gave his view on why some people never see apparitions: "Berry Pomeroy Castle is haunted - but it's not all the time. Whilst some may have experiences, others may not. Spirits require a certain amount of energy to manifest and also have free will and select who they show themselves to. You have to respect them. I've always gone to Berry Pomeroy Castle with no expectations and shown them respect. "Many ghost hunters have captured all sorts of things on camera here, but things are more often felt and sensed than photographed." Other images are said to show horsemen on the green - believers say it shows one of the two male knights who are said to haunt the castle.

Ghost captured on film at Berry Pomeroy Castle

Many who have seen the photo believe the images is horses and riders(Image: Chloe) Psychics say there are historical spirits, ghosts, elementals and negative spirits around the castle and grounds. The spirits have told mediums that they are very happy at Berry Pomeroy Castle, living there like a family. Two female ghosts are said to haunt the castle: the White Lady, and the Blue Lady. The Blue Lady is said to beckon for help from passers-by, luring them to her tower. If they go to her, it is said they fall to their death. She is thought to have been the daughter of a Norman lord and is said to wander the dungeons mourning the loss of her baby, which she murdered as it was sired by her own father. The White Lady, said to be the spirit of Margaret Pomeroy, is claimed to haunt the dungeons, having been imprisoned there by her sister, Eleanor, who was jealous of her beauty. Their stories often blur together.

Ghost captured on film at Berry Pomeroy Castle

This image was captured during a visit in 2017(Image: Devon Investigators of the Paranormal)

Four people from Devon Investigators Paranormal (DIP) were there in 2017 and believe they photographed the White Lady (above). Article from:

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