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Is an ancient Scottish castle still occupied by old tenants?

Scotland, 1323. The country is finally beginning to unite under a single banner, King Robert the Bruce, and battle back the English to drive them from Scottish lands. Drum Castle, near Aberdeen on the mid-west coast has been granted to one William de Irwyn.

Throughout the ages this castle saw its fair share of modifications and improvements, though it also saw a great deal of despair. Difficulty ravished the stony walls, with numerous attacks, garrisons and financial difficulties wreaking havoc on the inhabitants who tried to live there.

Nowadays? Ghosts.

Or at least that's what staff from the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) believe, reports The Scotsman.

Castles are known to be frequently haunted sites.

You see, recently the wildlife team from the NTS set up a motion-sensing webcam in the Drum Castle stables to record images of some nesting birds. When they reviewed the pictures later, however, they noticed something else had also been recorded. At some point during the night, a mysterious, unexplainable mist had appeared on camera. Not a thick fog clinging to the floor, not a waft of smoke passing from a nearby fire, but a strange wisp that floated freely in the middle of the image.

"I have to admit, when I checked the camera and found this image a cold shiver ran down my spine," said the NTS property manager for the building, Dr. Alison Burke.

Drum Castle is no stranger to hauntings and the paranormal, either. There are reports of witnesses spotting the late wife of one of the old castle lairds (lords), as well as mysterious women laughing together when in fact nobody is around.

You could visit a castle in Australia, too, to try and spot your own eerie sights. Kryal Castle in Ballarat has regular ghost tours through its walls to spot a torture dungeon, where a real skeleton was once displayed, as well as numerous other unsettling haunted places.

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